Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Let it Rain & Let it Snow today

Since I started to work with Andrew my training changed quite a bit. I run every day and can't allow myself to have a day off. Coach is always there!
I'm pretty sure that I'm right in the middle of my best week.
Let's see:

Mar 25, Sun, AM: 120 min long run
12.34 miles, 09:44 pace, avg.HR 131, max.HR 147
Tough, tough, cough... Using Olga's terminology I did "walkajogs"
and even simple "walka". Coach said - now he knew my barriers.

Mar 26, Mon, AM: 90 min EZ run
10.31 miles, 08:44 pace, avg.HR 140, max.HR 152

Mar 27, Tue, AM: 60 min Hard run (60 min of incessant Rain!)
7.75 miles, 07:45 pace, avg.HR 150, max.HR 160
Slower than we did with Eric, but Hard 60 min is really "Hard" early in the mornings. Feel truly beat up.

So, I'm having this sort of a "ladder" 120 - 90 - 60 min which is a normal routine.
Thomas is having an ULTRA soon! Very soon!!!
This is the most interesting and expected run I eager to hear about.
Go Thomas, Go!


Thomas said...

Thank you!

olga said...

Hey, walkajogs are what the docotr ordered...I mean did you read my Van Aacen post? Think of child's play - they can go forever at furious speeds, yet they stop often. There was an experiment once for a pro soccer (futbol) player to follow a toddler - he (pro) collapsed at half-day point.
But then again, I also understand a need to continiously moving at good pace for long time.
Practice makes it perfect.

Cindy said...

Hola Amigo!!!

I just wanto to say good bye, I´m coming back to my home country I hope we can keep in touch.

Keep going!!! You will get what you want.


Love2Run said...

That coach is a tricky guy but he's been a good influence on me too. You know that even he takes days off when his body complains loudly enough. Good luck with the training.

Ruslan said...

Olga! Yes, I read your Ernst van Aaken and Arthur Lydiard. I always see two aspects in you posts. You write as a runner and from other hand there are deep insights from a scientist! That makes you blog special. Thanks for explanations and support! (as for me I hope to avoid any walkajogs, i do realize there's nothing bad doing them, when I'm ready to drag :)

Cindy! Hola Amiga! I always appreciate Your Spanish! Muchas Gracias and say Hi to VE!

Mr. Love2Run, Hey Mike. I guess there are different levels of communications, as a friend you may call Andrew "a tricky guy" or "another Andrew's trick" but I take the whole situation as a work with coach. He doesn't have to be perfect, also he didn't prohibit anything like day off. We work together and work well. Ahh, April 16th?? Gotta be a Big Day! Good Luck there!!!

Thomas, he must be running now ...