Monday, March 12, 2007

My stadium

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Made this photo several days ago. Still the same. So called "stadium" is located right on the border of Karaganda city in a real Steppe. The good thing is that the air there is really clean and fresh. I do not understand those who run along city roads, never did it and will never do. There were so many articles about it. You try to consume more and more oxygen on the run but instead you get more and more exhaust - Ewwww!! vehicles' gas.


Assyl said...

There you go, man! Totally agree with you! Never run along the roads! It's lethal! Fresh air only! You are a human, not a automobile!!! You've got lungs, not filter! Peace!!!

Ruslan said...

Thank you Assyl! Peace!!! Man, kogda Zarplata ?!

olga said...

Awesome splits from the post before, and great miles too!

Andrew said...

Your training times do point to a capacity for 3:15 or better this year. Are you including a long run each week currently?

I went through your posts on this page. Great job getting through the winter. I am the worst for winter running.

Ruslan said...

technically i try to include 12 or 13.1 m each week - hardly it can be considered as a "Long Run"; not time for doing 20 milers yet. Now we have the same situation Mark (Alberta, CA) had 2 weeks ago, it is melting. In some places on my running tracks a snow is more than 1 meter so it takes usually about 2 weeks to get it down to the ground... I seriously think of Saint-Petersburg Marathon on June 30, 2007. So, I have less than 16 weeks. Andrew, can I talk to you through my gmail, address is under "my profile"