Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Yes Mark, you're right, I do. I do likes numbers. They simply show where we are now. 245.51 miles in February is a serious work. Thank you Mark. Good Job!
(For those of my readers who's not familiar with Great Runners - Mark, one of them and he is from Canada, Alberta and since November 2006 I noticed that his weather conditions are so close to mine. Yes I should admit it, his results are one of samples to me and yes I try to reach the same)

Here's what I did this week.
Sunday Morning run I made running on empty stomach as described here.
Yes this is Thomas' influence, but I won't do it more than 15 - 20% of my total monthly volume. And of course they were slow miles.
Mon, PM. As every day we feel warmer temps, running under the moon light is still as cold as usually. It took more than an hour an half, so weather was gradually decreasing. Again I had coherent eyelashes and I saw a picture on the Tool which I see when it's really cold outside.

Suddenly Mr. Garmin shows unclear picture and you may see on the top of that "Shutdown" and "Stack". It is not that regualr message "Battery Low". It is different. Not sure about the meaning of that unclear message, but in the middle of 12 miles run I can't allow my Tool to Shut Down. Pushing "Up" and "Down" arrows on the right side doesn't help. I push "Mode" button and it helps, I go back to normal figures: Pace, Distance, HR ... I use my Tool since September 2006 and never had "Shutdown/Stack" situation in the Fall. The only explanation now is when temps go down to -18C -20C the Tool is "nervous" and shows me this Warning message. May be I'm not right. Still love my Tool!

12 miles I did yesterday PM with incredibly round and bright moon was also a slow run. All I saw was 141, 142 Heart beats. Such a shame to have those lower 140's.
Somewhere closer to the end I clocked one mile with 08:55 and 138 HR.
Aggresive "Rus Coach" said:
- You're a Fat Lazy A.., Move it! Do it faster. It can Not be slower than 9:00.
I finished last mile with 08:24 avg.HR 144 and max.HR 153
Glad I did.

My Plan for this week (Sun 4 - Sat 10) to make a "Slow PR".
Something around 65 miles which I desperately tried to get in February.

Sun, Mar 4, AM: 9 miles, 1:26:30, 9:36 pace, avg.HR 144, Max.HR 150
Mon, Mar 5, PM: 12 miles, 1:45:22, 8:46 pace, avg.HR 140, Max.HR 153


olga said...

Thanks, Ruslan! You really run in Kasakhstan? Brr, I forgot about cold long ago! And you log serious miles there!
Are there races? Do you have training partners? 3:15 marathon is some goal!

Faithful Soles said...

Ruslan, that is some SERIOUS mileage. I've broken the 200+ mile mark for a single month about 10 times, the most being 225.0 in one month. Most of my months are in the 120-160 range, depending on what I'm training for.

By the way, I wanted to thank you again for linking to our Blog Database on the main Faithful Soles web site. We now have bloggers from 37 states in the USA and 20 other countries.

Assyl said...

It's awesome, man! keep doing this kind of stuff! It's like a bunch of different folks from aournd the globe can learn about some intersting stuff that you are doidn up there in Kazakhstan. It's some kind of inspirational and shareful blog for those who are into this stuff. It's a tiny link out of many, but its unique by its nature. Peace man!!!