Wednesday, June 27, 2007

80 mpw

Continuing on.
I made what I planned for a single week – 80 mere miles, slow miles, some of them tough (oh that Long on Sunday) and some of them fast. It transpired as follows:

Fr, 6/22, PM: 5.8 mi, 49:12, pace 8:28. Ordinary routine, just put more miles into my account; I have financial manager up there, in the state of Maine, he manages my deposit well;
Sa, 6/23, AM: 5.4 mi @ 8:24. The same;
Main work in PM time, Andrew recommended Mile repeats or Tempo.
I do Mile repeats.
Sa, 6/23, PM:
2.02 mi @ 7:43 warming up; then decided to make sort of PR

suddenly met a guy who was an “unknown pacemaker” on one dark eve a month ago or so, the guy who helped me to make 1 hour at sub 7:00 pace. Really young Kazakh guy (I guess seventeen) hardly can speak Russian. Shame on me – I know no more than 200 Kaz words. We talked using both Rus & Kaz words, he’s a light (54 kg) fighter and runs from time to time.

- I work here to prepare to a marathon, do you know what is Marathon?
Negative, he shook his head.
- Ah, it’s about 42 km or
here at the stadium it would be around 105 laps.
He reasked me in Kazakh, One Hundred Laps?
So amazed and surprised! What for??!
- Have no idea what is it for?! Just madly long distance. Ok, young guy – will you run 4 fast laps with me? Please be a pacemaker.
Gave me approving nod.
1.0 mi – Mr. Garmin's history says I did it in 5:56
actually when I finished (I used “Workouts – Quick mode” and ran watching “Virtual partner” who ran at 6:00 pace) I saw result 5:57. I’m a little bit confused, so let it be 5:57. My 1 mile PR.
Yes, 10 years ago I did sub 5:50, but it was 1600 meters.
1.0 mi @ 6:53
1.0 mi @ 6:52
2.0 mi Cooling down @ 7:49
Total for the Week: 11h:45m; 80.04 miles, avg. pace 8:48
So Slow! One of my slowest week at all. Finally the main thing here is pumping up the mileage and I really pleased with this magical mark.

One more.
I didn’t make uphills and really miss them, also there’s absolutely no chance for doing uphill runs in winter here. Too much snow .. uhmm, I better quit talking about coming winter. Enjoy summer!
My work with Andrew goes on and pretty soon we will discuss a strategy for the Race. Then we’ll think about Taper.
Yes, I can smell the sweat, sorry I mean Sweet Taper :)

Friday, June 22, 2007

Do you wanna Bump it?

Can't believe it, we started to discuss a Taper which is coming soon. The only problem is that I have to survive to get to that blessed period of time!
Here's my point, to be clear: I'm planning to have 5 continuous weeks with weekly mileage, let me guesstimate it - about 80 mpw.
Short disclaimer, just to be on the safe side: "about 80 mpw" means less or more. Also hope not to get injured doing a highest possible, well for me, mileage.
Andrew went to Boston and would be out of touch till Sunday I guess.
He supports me in my attempt to get the mileage. But warned me recently:

You work too hard sometimes. You are driven to succeed but I am worried that you will leave your race in your training.
I won't.

Thomas! I admit I do not know much about How to do a perfect Taper. Null is my Marathon history. I tried once (absolutely unprepared) and DNF! Now we work with Andrew and work so well.
Yep, coach will have to say something about that. We haven't talked about it yet.
As Andrew mapped it out for me, I'm finishing now 1st week out of four.
May be, beginning from July 15th I will start doing something special - can't read coach's mind. Hope to be able to hit 80 miles anyway.
Do I have enough time to make those mad weeks? here's how I visualize it to myself.

June, Sun 17 – Sat 23: ~80 mi
June, Sun 24 - Sat 30: ~80 mi

July, Sun 01 – Sat 07: ~80 mi
July, Sun 08 - Sat 14: ~80 mi
July, Sun 15 – Sat 21: ~80 mi

Taper starts somewhere here:
July, Sun 22 - Sat 28: .... mi
Jul/Aug, Su 29 - Sa 4th Taper & The Race!

Here's a lilttle bit about my Current week.
I guess it is called Andrew's Stage #3. Week 1.

Su, 6/17, AM: 4 mi, at 8:25. EZ AM miles
Su, 6/17, PM: 21 mi, 3:17:03, pace 9:23. Longest & Hardest workout

Mo, 6/18, PM: 5.03 mi, at 8:24. EZ refreshing work

Tu, 6/19, PM: 6.01 mi, at 8:53. Refreshing routine.
Didn't fulfill coach's plan Once - plan was 12 mi

We, 6/20, PM: 8.27 mi, at 8:31. Slow & easy.

Th, 6/21, PM: 12.01 mi, 1:54:50, pace 9:33. Tired.
Didn't fulfill twice / plan was 15 easy. Sorry coach.

Fr, 6/22, AM: 5.51 mi, at 8:45. Relaxed with a sunrise.

Total for now: 61.82 miles but this week is not over yet.
Got to run. Now.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

it's Time to increase the mileage

Many times I read on other runners' pages something like:
I'm gonna use this Half-marathon as a preparation to my next Marathon.
I thought about it for a while, can I consider extremal Almaty race as a "good preparation"?
Here's my own conclusion:
No. I enjoyed the Race but The Half I did in Almaty is too extremal (6 mi/10 km up). Was I deadly tired several days after the race.

These are some stats:
Taper week (incl the Half)
June, Sun 03 – Sat 09: 44.65 mi
Recover week
June, Sun 10 - Sat 16: 46.14 mi

There were positives moments in my recent workouts,
The last note of my recovery week was TEMPO and I managed it just as planned. Finally:
2 mi @ sub 7:20
2 mi @ sub 7:00
30 min @ sub 7:20
Total: 58:36, 8.11 mi, avg.pace 7:13, avg.HR 156
See details here.

Surely I'm not satisfied with my mileage, which is fairly LOW.
As I'm (and not only me) heading to SIM - Siberian International Marathon,
have 6 + weeks to go. Deduct a week for the taper and we've got only 5 weeks for a serious work.
From other hand I look on guys like Ryan.
This young man makes ~40 mpw and plans to hit sub 3:00
Really wonder How is it possible??!

Best Marathon report of this month from "Mr. Banking Miles". It's a Great Lesson and I have to learn it.
Hurray to Olga who recently finished her 100 miler !!!
Olga - You're Super!
I was doing my miserable 21 miler past Sunday and thought about you.
Will post soon more about this week with record (I hope so) mileage.

Monday, June 18, 2007

more shots

Almaz (aka Long Tall Kaz guy) and a Peace Corp guy after the race. A German mister who reminded me "Bilbo Baggins" just finished

We did it!

Australian guys stand there, on the left and here is what happens if you're not good enough for the race. More photos in better resolution available here.

Some shots from Almaty Medeo Marathon 2007

Taxi driver explains the setails of the route: ".. and here you will suffer a lot, remember this, this incline is also not a piece of cake..." Official booklet says that elevation for the Half is 600m and about 900meters for the Full marathon.

Number sewn

A lady from Uzbekistan team with a Sign: "Rammstein"

Opening ceremony
I walk head down

Monday, June 11, 2007

Almaty Medeo Half 07. Preliminaries

I did it! Tough six miles uphill and 6 inconveniently rough miles downhill - all of them along the road to Medeo (Great resort and one of the biggest skating stadium in former USSR). I should've taken a respirator, look here to see What are Almaty Cars 3. Hate running with almost heavy traffic.

- Date & Location: Sat, June 9, 2007. Almaty, Kazakhstan
- Race: Medeo Half Marathon, 21 097 m
- Results: 1:42:17 (yep, slower than my personal best on a flat stadium)
- Placement: 6 out of 25 or something.
Could have been 5th but apparently my name is "Mr. Wrong Way"
Tons of positive emotions and really Glad I participated in Almaty.
Photos, details and splits - tomorrow.

Details of my Taper week I made before the Half you can see on a shot. I made 8 uphills on Wed, PM which is reasonable. I had more than 48 hours to recover.
Then 4 miles on Thu
5 miles on Fri morning. That was all.

Trip Karaganda - Almaty took more than 18 hours (Fri 3 PM - Sat 10 AM).
As for a trip on the train right before the race – personally I don’t think it’s a good idea, your body is absolutely idle. The only thing you can do there is sleep, sleep as long as you want. This time I had only a Half and train could be acceptable.
Next time I’m gonna have Full Marathon and yes, I’m afraid of any possible negative consequences of such a long travel right before marathon.

Sat 10 AM - got there - taxi to the Stadium - registration - Friend's apartment – Thank you LaLenchik, you’re the Best Friend!

Taxi driver looked at my which I got after the registration. “I know this route to Medeo, everybody knows it here. Remember – you will have 3 really steep inclines …” I looked at the map, tried to remember – all in vain. Finally the Race itself would tell me what is a Real Steep and what is not. All I knew at that time is that about 6 miles we would run all the way uphill. There have to be a magical place when we will turn back down to the starting point. Finish.
OK. Had a Lunch with my friend and back to Stadium for Opening Ceremony.Unfortunately all photos I have were taken right before and after the race : (

Ceremony was for the big track & field competition where Marathon & Half represent extremal types of sport activity. Other events to be held within 2 days were 10k, 5k, high jumps, broad jumps, shotput etc.

It was nice to see that the whole event is truly international – people came from Germany, Russia, also our “local neighbors” – Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and other countries around Central Asia.

As for Full and Half race – there were guys and gals from Germany, local Americans (Peace Corp), couple Australian (that’s what I heard) and someone else. German band was larger in numbers; they were not that young though. One of them reminded me “Mr. Bilgo Baggins” or may be I just love Tolkien?

I did 0.5 mi before / in the time of Opening Ceremony to warm up speeding to sub 6:00 for some time. HR was high and it's ok - I'm a little bit nervous.
There was one American tall dude with black Apple Ipod, not Shuffle, nor Nano in the armband, guess it was iPod Video with internal HDD (imho too big to run with). Whatever. There was another guy with him, who looked like Kazakh, Long Tall guy. As Opening ceremony was over and we were ready to get to the Republic Square, which is place to start, I felt really nervous. I asked Long Tall Kaz guy:
- Man, do you suddenly know, Where’s the point of return?
His answer surprised me: “Follow me and you will find where to turn”.
What a cocky answer, uhh!
- OK, then What’s your time for the Half?
Long Tall: “Ah, don’t think I’m that pro runner. The point of return is not far from a bridge, “Butakovka” you know? We will turn there.”
Had no idea, where is That Bridge or Butakovka. Let’s see.

Marathon and Half started together. Didn’t make any Workout for the Tool, just pushed Start.
“Good Luck guys” I heard from the Square. We run.

The Tool tells me that my HR is HIGH 160+ right from the start and pace is about 6:30. Yes, this is faster than I had to, from other hand didn't want to run with a group of 60 years old runners and ladies. After the square real steep hill started. I am somewhere between leading 10 – 12 runners.
I expected to see on Garmin 6 and a half miles uphill. Six and a half down. Actually it was about 6 miles. Road up there was covered with trees. Almaty is truly green city, plus buildings. The Tool could be inaccurate. Or this Incline also make some gap in calculating a distance. Not sure.

Mile 01 - 7:29 / 163HR
Mile 02 - 8:18 I'm behind of group of 6 - 7 runners - not clear for me, if they do Full or a Half. I do my job.
Mile 03 - 8:46 sticked to a Full runner, older than me, finally he passed me. 1 sip of water, non-stop.
Mile 04 - 8:54 Long Tall Kaz guy always around me, incline is real tough (can not be sure but could be more than 25%)
Mile 05 - 9:38 Hard and tough. I guess there was a moment when I walked. Long Tall guy 10 meters or so ahead. “Follow me”, we compete.
All the way up there I saw a beatiful nature, trees, mountain clear stream along the road, Great Almaty mountains ahead. I see it and in the same time do not see it - I'm in the middle of the Game. Not Video, PC game - it's Real. ReStart available one year later.
I see a lot of cars going down from Medeo. Wedding cars! Big and long White Hammers for Wedding ceremonies! People in Almaty love everything rich, they love to show it off. People scream out of their/rented cars as they're happy to be a part of Wedding. Once I screamed too in reply. I'm Happy to have this helluva tough race!
View of numerous wedding vehicles made me think of my possible wedding in the future. Will I have it somewhere here? I don't know. Race went on.

Mile 06 - 9:18 got to a table with water (yes we had it before) but at This table there was a Point to return Down. FINALLY. Long Tall guy still 10 meters ahead. He turned and made it slow. From now we will run downhill - it would be easier, right? Answer – right!
But it’s easier to everybody, so competition is still tough. Also I’m not sure How to do it downhill?
Long Tall put earphones in to listen to some music I guess. I do not have any mp3 player; aggressive tracks are in my head. Something hellish from Australian AC/DC. I pass Long Tall guy, I run faster and faster. I see people running towards me, scrambling their last mile up to the magical table. Poor people. Some of them wish me Good Luck. You too guys! Among them I see American guy, approaching me, he raised his left hand with open palm – is it a “Five” to me? I clap his hand. 2 seconds later I hear it again behind me. That “five” was not for me – Long Tall behind me!! Peace Corp guy scream in Russian: “Davai …, poslednyi” / ~ “Come on Man, it’s Last (section)!” Yes, this is last section and it’s gonna be fun.
Mile 07 - 7:43 Down. This is really unusual for me. Dallen was right about it (but Dallen had his race in 1995 so he knew something, I do not know anything how to run down).
Mile 08 - 6:53 Easier but really uncomfortable.
Mile 09 - 6:52 I guess the same
Mile 10 - 7:04 Passed another guy. All I heard was his clap – clap footing. Intuitively it seemed to me that the way I land foot here is super important. Hope the way I did it, wasn’t bad. At least I didn’t hear Slap – slap from myself.
Mile 11 - 7:18 I do not see tables and organizers - not sure where to turn to the square. Tired. Really tired. I do not hear Long Tall, really wonder where is he? Just tell to myself: “Don’t look back. Don’t look back!”
OK. I can look there.
2 guys (one of them Long Tall - 150 behind me. Good. Good. But where to turn here? I ask one lady on the street
– How to get to the Republic Square?
Silence was an answer.
Yes, I know, I look strange, really strange! I sweat. I’m wet. I’m almost desperate.
“How to get to the Square?!!” Damn, where are organizers’ table, any pointer? Nothing.
Thought: what if I stop and wait for them (2 guys, they chase me) - they will tell me where to turn? This is so Stupid but there's nothing I can do. I stop from time to time to understand. No I better run further. I keep the distance.
Mile 12 - 8:09 they still 120 m behind me. TIRED. Made a turn and run for a while. Stop - something Wrong, do not feel they chase me anymore! Look back (many times told myself - don't look back) I’m "Lucky" to see a guy and Long Tall points me opposite direction!!!
No-o-oo! - Suddenly Now I’m 100 meters behind them!!! I have to CHASE them!!!! Unbelievable! Square has to appear soon. I have about 0.5 mile to catch them. Damn! I chase them as hard as I can. Closer and closer. Square is also almost here. I see it! One of them has 400 m to the finish, me and Long Tall reached cross road to the square - one more push - I'll catch Long Tall anyway. Suddenly I see he stops and touch his leg with a hand. He's got Spasm at his calf. He Joggs. "Sorry Man, this is fair" I pass him - run at 6:30 or so to the finish. Another guy already passed finish line - he's #5
and I'm #6. Long tall #7.

P.S. After making a finish I completely forgot to push “stop” on the Tool. So I logged only 12 miles. I laid on the grass, talked to people. I was being pictured but my Mr. Garmin worked. Had to erase everything after the mile 12. My Tool is a great device – but it can not register that Happiness you feel after the Race!

That's all.
I talked to a Long Tall Kazakh guy – he’s got a nice name Almaz which means “Diamond”. Almaz said that Australian guy passed me due to my Wrong Way turn and so, that guy had got 5th placement. I do not care if he was Australian or not. Next time I’ll try to be in Top 3. That’s what I have to care about.

No more Wrong Ways!
Happy Ways to Everybody!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Thank you guys so much for your help and support. I can not answer to everybody right away but will try to be with you guys.
Hurray !!!...
- to Jason – 5 k you did was decent running, we do not have any Duathlon competition here. Green with envy : )
- to Andrew – who completed 10k race with a time I can only dream about! You know what – I’m a truly lucky runner, not only for my work with Andrew who’s patient with me and my annoying disorganized messages and he doesn’t charge anything! Also I have a privilege to be in doubt about running issues or something and I always get a “feedback”. Thank you Coach.

Olga – not Hurray to you. Not yet. Your counter runs like crazy – 8 days to Go! “Well the Ukraine girls really knock me out, they leave the West behind…” Byelorussia is almost the Ukraine, right? Olga – nobody say it would be easy. You can do it. I’ll be proud of you. Question: Gde takie otvazhnye Divchiny rastyt?

Sunday, June 3rd.
After the shameful attempt to make Tempo on Sat I really didn’t feel like running. But Sunday means only one thing, at least in running life. It means Long (frightening for me) run. You have to be mentally prepared for it. I wasn’t. I tried but it didn’t work out. Came to the Stadium having one idea in mind: If you’re not doing the Twenty miler, can try to improve old Half result instead. Last time I did it was a sunny white (due to snow) day. That time I didn’t work with Andrew, though I knew about him, reading his diary. I’ve been thinking how to beat this PB for a long time, but never had a chance. Stage 1 with Andrew and I guess stage 2 do not “allow” to do it, also Andrew is pretty skeptical about those half races. Yes I do realize that “the half marathon and the marathon are not comparable. There are critical training issues involved with the marathon distance that the half marathon doesn't even begin to address.” – Andrew.
But I keep one competition in mind.
Almaty marathon / Half marathon on Sat, June 9th. I have intention race and PR in the Half. We do not have so many races in Central Asia. This is a good chance. Race is extremal, route is awkward. Half way uphill, half way down. Both parts would be difficult. If you ever read latest Dallen’s report on Robie Creek race, you could notice how hard was a down hill part.
“It is a strange feeling changing from 12% uphill to 12% downhill. The legs and lungs stop burning for a while and my untrained body tries to figure out how to run on this terrain.”
Another thing – I’m not quite sure I’ll be able to get there. Whatever, I’ll try to go to Almaty by train (15 hours to go or 8 hours on Spanish Express Train) on this Fri (plane? Only extremely rich people do it here).
Paul, you could be interested in this race and hope you read it in time. Seriously, I knew about the race 2 months ago but couldn’t get exact info – no web page, no telephone numbers! No I get it: Almaty, Central stadium. One of organizers: Mr. Alim Sharipov – cell 777 515 18 72. Also my # is 250 41 30 (BeeL). Mr. Alim asked to pass registration on Fri, I explained that it’s impossible for me due to work. He agreed on Sat AM registration, 500 tng for Half and 1000 for the Full. Opening ceremony at 4pm, start at 5pm.

So, in order to "feel the distance" I made attempt to improve my Half result, here’s what I got:

Mile 01: 07:14
Mile 02: 07:19
Mile 03: 07:26
Mile 04: 07:37
Mile 05: 07:42
Mile 06: 07:47
Mile 07: 07:49
Mile 08: 07:47
Mile 09: 07:49
Mile 10: 07:49
Mile 11: 07:48
Mile 12: 07:43
Mile 13: 07:33
0.10 mi: 00:43sec, pace 6:54

Half, training on Jun 3, 2007 - 1:40:13, avg. pace 07:38
(Half, training on Mar 14, 2007 - 1:44:28, avg. pace 07:58)

I wasn’t on the edge, didn’t push it real hard. Each mile had a feeling that I have about 5 sec “in the stock”. After mile 10 I decided to listen to pro Ultra runner's advice and make it faster than previous. 7:48 – 7:43 – 7:33 so I can do it. Next time I shall shave those 13 sec and jump into sub 1h 40min.
Can not promise anything but really want to run this Sat in Almaty.
P.S. Oh, yes, weather is something special now – we had a rain with hail and Snow(!) on Mon and for couple minutes on Tue. This week is a mess – I missed my Mon run. Do I have to taper? I don’t want but common sense tells me that I have to.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

70 mpw. She Loves me / She Hates me

Last week Sun, May 27 – Sat, Jun 2nd.
Andrew approved my attempts to get a higher weekly mileage (about “miles make champions” concept you can read anywhere) and told me to see and be concentrated on main things:
– Long run
– Hill repeats (“transition” to a future speed work)
– Tempo
Three main components of my running work now.

I expected mush more from this week, much more. Instead dramatically failed yesterday doing Tempo.
Su, 5/27, PM: 20 mi, at 8:15. Good. Cut off 3 minutes and felt much better than first time.
Mo, 5/28, PM: 8.0 mi, 1:10:19, pace 8:47. EZ refreshing work.
Tu, 5/29, AM!: 6.0 mi, 52:34, pace 8:45. Need better deposit.
Same day, PM: 2 mi incl. 2 hills, 22:44, pace 11:22
Back to the track + 2 mi, 15:52, pace 7:56. Done for that day.
We, 5/30, PM: 6.04 mi, 51:53, pace 8:35. EZ work.
Th, 5/31, PM: 3.07 mi incl. 8 hills*, 36:47, pace 11:59. Tough work.
Same day, back to track, 2.01 mi cool down, 17:11, pace 8:33.
Fr, 6/01, PM: 10.06 mi, 1:30:00, pace 8:56. Sore after hills. EZ.
Sa, 6/02, PM: TEMPO! Andrew made some changes: it’s
2 mi sub 7:20
1 or 2 mi sub 7:00
The rest @ 7:20. “The Rest” looked like complete 1 hour total running.
Does it seem to you, my Dear Reader like too tough? Given those 1 hour runs at average 7:00 and 7:02 I did several Saturdays ago – this Tempo could be a Piece of Cake, right? That’s what I thought. Real life is not what we put into our GPS watch. It is a combination of thousand factors.
1. Go for 00:02:00. Try to keep my HR in zone 1.
2. Go for 00:02:00. Try to keep my HR in zone 2.
3. Go for 00:02:00. Try to keep my HR in zone 3.
4. Go 2 mi.. to keep my speed 7:20 and 6:20.
5. Go 2 mi.. to keep my speed 7:00 and 6:00.
6. Go for 00:30:00.. to keep my speed 7:20 and 6:20
7. Go for 00:02:00. Try to keep my HR in zone 2.
8. Go for 00:02:00. Try to keep my HR in zone 1.
Actual: Step 1,2,3 of course for dummies (don’t want to offend anyone) and for my personal cardiovascular system.
2 miles sub 7:20 – I run and do it good. 2 mi, 14:27, avg. 7:13
2 miles sub 7:00 – it’s hot out there, it’s getting harder. 2 mi, 13:56, avg. 6:58, HR 158
Good Job! That’s what people call Tempo. But I’m done.
I almost stop, I sweat, I jog & drag – “U lazy a..hole, move your butt!”
1 mi, 07:55, avg. 7:54 (Center says), HR 154. Over.
See this plot for details.

Laid on the grass, watched Garmin’s history for the week and decided to drag on to get 70 mpw.
+ 5.27 miles, 47:42, avg.pace 09:03, avg.HR 143. Crap.
Total for the week Sun, May 27 – Sat, Jun 2nd:
70.01 miles.

* this is my PB hill workout. Never did 8 non-stop uphill runs. My hill is pretty steep (Ascent 103 ft or 31 meter). Here’s a sample video (that was I guess first time 4 hill repeats this year, thanks to my bro Tim). Sorry for the quality.

My 20 milers

Here’s I’m planning to make some stats on Long runs I started to do recently.


Su, 5/20, 2007:
20.0 miles, 2:48:05, pace 8:24, avg.HR 144, max.HR 153

Su, 5/27, 2007:
20.0 miles, 2:45:02, pace 8:15, avg.HR 140, max.HR 150

Su, 6/17, 2007:
21.0 miles, 3:17:03, pace 9:23, avg.HR 135, max.HR 156

Su, 6/24, 2007:
21.0 miles, 2:55:51, pace 8:22, avg.HR 134, max.HR 152

Su, 7/15, 2007:
21.0 miles, 3:02:55, pace 8:42, avg.HR 146, max.HR 155

Mo, 7/23, 2007: This is my best one
20.0 miles
, 2:43:46, pace 8:11, avg.HR 140, max.HR 157

Flickr Tag for all 20 milers.

As of now, that is all to report. I have to do it today.
I won’t run marathon without accomplishing 10 twenty milers or so.
P.S. Olga, each mile 5 sec faster plan will kill me. Merely not ready for this. Sure I could do it for 10 miles though. I’ll think about such plan later, I’m lucky cause coach didn’t tell me anything about it. Sh-shh-h!

September 18th, 2007
Finally I started to run 20 milers and log 'em into my
Training Period #2:

#1. Tu, 9/18, 2007: New PR for 21 miles.
21.0 miles, 2:52:46, pace 8:13, avg.HR 145, max.HR 156

#2. Su, 9/23, 2007: Ordinary 20 miler.
20.01 miles, 2:54:29, pace 8:43, avg.HR 141, max.HR 150

#3. Su, 10/07, 2007:
Keepin' every mile sub 8:00. Work i can be proud of.
20.00 miles, 2:37:42, pace 7:53, avg.HR 150, max.HR 170 (dog attack)

#4. Su, 10/14, 2007: Ordinary 20 miler.
20.10 miles, 3:06:49, pace 9:17, avg.HR 144, max.HR 156

#5. Su, 10/28, 2007: Tough.
20.01 miles, 3:04:44, pace 9:13, avg.HR 138, max.HR 155

TEMPO relationships

Plan for Sat 5/26: Start easily then increase pace to 90% maxHR for 20 minutes then back down. Total run time: 1 hour.
Want to talk about my relationships with Tempo – this is an issue for me now.
What I did that Saturday to finish the week was
PM: 2 miles at 8:23 to warm up and get ready to Tempo work. Then decided to make 2 uphills to get a decent number of hill runs. Device logged 2 more hill miles at 9:35. I’m lucky about hills, they are about 1 km away from my stadium.

OK. Warm up & couple hills is not a real work. It’s all about preparation to this Monster called Tempo work. I had prepared on the Garmin Training Center this advanced workout:
1. Go for 2 mi sub 8:30
2. Go for 20 min keeping HR zone 4 (for me it’s a range between 148 – 167).
For myself I defined it as running sub 7:00 trying to be closer to 162 heart beats (90% from my maxHR).
3. Go for no target pace until I press “lap” button on the Tool.

Ready, Steady? Here’s what I got for my first tempo:
2 mi @ 8:22, avg.HR 136
20 min, 2.89 mi @ 6:55, avg.HR 157 (it did reach 162 and 163 in the end of tempo stage)
23.16 min, 2.64 mi @ 8:48, avg.HR 146.
Total: 1:00:01, 7.53 mi @ 7:58, avg.HR 147.
I did it perfect and finished that week Sun 5/20 – Sat 5/26 with 62.15 miles.
This could be funny but I personally consider any week which is lower than 70 as “good one, but nothing special”. Here’s a tricky point – I noticed that attempt to make higher mileage brings me to failure at one of workouts. Read on.
Add 5 days from the week Sun 5/27 – Thu 5/31 and I see those nice figures

Total mileage for May 2007: 276.26 miles

Best month in my running life. 2 days off. Third time (Mar, Apr, May) in the club 200+ miles per single month and I feel like have to leave the club, at least for the summer 2007.

P.S. Have no clue why my HR is so-o (comparing to other great guys and gals) low. I was born in Jan 75, so 32 years old now. I did run in 90’s (started somewhere in 93-94) but my relationships with running were nothing serious – like 30 – 40 kilometers per month or 20 – 25 miles. Never cared about constancy of training that time, so I could miss couple winter months, no regrets, also had injures. I remember played basketball a lot. That’s all I did. First time when I realized that I made 10km distance was 25 laps on my stadium I made in May 1997. Remember running in the rainy dark eve and felt like real crap in the end. Why I did 25 quarters? I got dumped or had serious personal problems that day and Running – this Lady is my mistress, I was always in love with her. (Don’t tell me Andrew said that. I knew I’m in love with running even that time). Gee, it was 10 years ago!
More about HR. If you read recent Dallen’s post you could see that his HR jumps to 190’s (!). This guy 1 or 2 years younger and surely was a hell runner in the mid90’s.
Well, let’s get back to June 2007 : )