Sunday, March 25, 2007

Working with Coach Andrew. Week One

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I started to work with a Coach! And this is Great! Andrew definitely knows what to do. Once he pointed that I got to my best times in a Random manner – True. Last fast Half I did was a pure experiment, thank you Thomas for comments, but I wasn’t even sure I was doing a Half. My aim was to do "something about 10 miles". But legs felt so good, so.. All my random / experimental works are in the Past now. My first week with Coach Andrew started observing the sequence of Hard / Easy runs and I shall say – it wasn’t that easy, I even failed twice (!) this week trying to fulfill one Hard run and the other morning doing Easy 90 min run. But, summing up past week’s work I gotta say I’m really satisfied.
Weekly mileage (Mar, Sun 18 – Sat 24, 2007) 55.15 miles.
See details on the picture (Garmin snapshot, res. 1024 x 738).
P.S. Nearly every day, I make reports to my Coach of work done, so almost forgotten about my blog existence.

P.P.S. Just remembered one funny episode - in the July 2005, first time in my running life I reached mark about 80 km (which as about 50 miles) for the … whole July month! I emailed about it to one my Russian-Korean friend and she replied like: “Rus, you’re absolutely Crazy! How is it possible to make FIFTY miles per month!!! That is a pure madness!”

– That’s right baby! How do I make 55 – 65 miles per week? I have no idea!

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