Monday, March 26, 2007

Running with Erik

Sat, March 24th, PM.
Had a great "Hard" run, which is 60 min keeping HR in the range 150 - 160. "Hard" turned into "Fun" cause one Running pal - Erik, young runner, 23 from New Hampshire (currently lives in Astana which is a Capital) came to my city. He's here in Kaz as a member of "Student Life" organization (they're sort of religious Peace Corp). He is really fast at 1 mile having PR about 4:40. Before that work he announced that rather "run in shorts"! Officially it is Sping here, but no, No! Forget about it, it's too cold. Having nothing but running shorts, he finally found something decent to put it on beneath the shorts. Went to "EthnoPark" which is a place where I run currently, cause my "Stadium" is full of melting snow. We kept and average pace (around 7:30) and even chatted from time to time. Somewhere in the middle of work we ran along the street which surrounds Park and heard a Police Siren wailing. So I teased him this way:

R.: Hear that wailing siren? Police is chasing a mad american, who's running too fast on Karaganda streets!
E.: Right, but you're running also fast.. so Nobody is Safe here.
R.: yea, Run for Your Life etc.

See more pictures on my Flickr account tagged "Running with Erik".
Hey Man! In case you read this lines - I will visit Astana next month, so Get Ready!

P.S. There are rumors and even a project at my work to send me to a business trip to China for 1 week, soon in April. Oh No. I Love China! Great country. I like to visit this country. But. It mess up with my training plans.. or I'll be there using hotel mills at nights trying to fulfil all running works.


Thomas said...

Hey, if you don't want a trip to China to mess up your training I'll volunteer to go instead!

Erik Travis said...

Hey Man! Its Erik! Nice blog! I had a fun time running and will be getting ready for your visit next month!!

Ruslan said...

Yes Thomas, Let's switch - I go to foggy and rainy Ireland, you go to Shanghai, China. Great! humm, actually yesterday morning ran throu the fog here (hey, don't bring it to us) and today 60 min in rain.. No, i don't go to Ireland, go to Shanghai instead. I better read your blog