Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Weather in Karaganda, Kazakhstan according to
December 26, 2007:
-31 C / - 24F
Feels Like -45C / -49F
Bitterly cold. Mostly cloudy and windy. Scattered snow showers this morning. Dangerous wind chills may approach -45F. High -17F. Winds SW at 15 to 25 mph. Chance of snow 30%.

Aggghhhhh ...

P.S. Had a nice, small Christmas party with my friend and former teacher Jasin Mihlbauer who taught me English 9 (!) years ago! This time he plans to stay here in Kazakhstan for 5 years.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Training Week #02

Su, 12/9, pm: 7.50 mi, avg.pace 8:15
Mo, 12/10: rest
Tu, 12/11, am: 4.50 mi, avg.pace 8:13
We, 12/12, am: 3.01 mi, avg.pace 8:20
Th, 12/13: rest
Fr, 12/14, am: 4.00 mi, avg.pace 8:27
Sa, 12/15, pm: 3.00 mi, avg.pace 8:11
+ 2 Uphills as 1.00 mi, avg.pace 9:47, max.HR 163 (!) more hills - better max.HR

Total mileage: 23.01 mi at average 8:21 pace
(Click on the link for more details)

I do not have much to report.
I gradually increase the volume of work.

Merry Xmas and Wow almost a week to New 2008 Year !!!

P.S. Yes, I didn't run 3:15 race this year and I didn't hit anything better than 5:57 mile.
You know what is a part of my personal Xmas wish list now :)

I talked a lot to coach, Mystery Coach recommended me couple Lydiard's books, talked to other Great guys... and Gals from the Beautiful World of Running

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Training Week # 01

Here's my short report on my first week after Shanghai race.
All runs were easy. Felt good and comfortable.

Week #01,
December 2007
Sun 02 - Sat 08

Su, 12/2, pm: 3 mi, avg.pace 8:53
Mo, 12/3, pm: 2 mi, avg.pace 8:53
Tu, 12/4: off
We, 12/5, am: 4.50 mi, avg.pace 9:12
Th, 12/6: off
Fr, 12/7, pm: 5.50 mi, avg.pace 8:25
Sa, 12/8, am: 4.00 mi, avg.pace 8:50
+ pm: 1 Uphill as 1.00 mi at avg. 9:29, max.HR 160

Total mileage: 20.00 mi at average 8:51 pace
(Click on the link for more details)

P.S. I do plan to run Almaty, Kaz (Half?) marathon in June 2008 (hope they will organise it) which is 50% "uphill". In connection with this I try to add hills into my program.
Haven't agreed on this subject with Coach yet, just added 1 uphill run in the end of week.
Just wonder: How about adding 1 "hill" each week?

I can't answer for a simple question: "What do I train for?"
Could be
- Almaty Half or Full race in June 2008
- Omsk, Russia in August 2008
- Hangzhou, China in early Nov 2008

Also have plans for shooting a documentary for my races. One Great High Definition Camcorder is almost here.

- Shanghai? I'll be tired after Hangzhou, so will stay somewhere there on Shanghai streets to shout a cheer to runners.
Money is an issue when you try to pick out a race somewhere, as No Decent Races in Kaz, so I will run most of races again (Almaty, Omsk and China).
The only difference - Results will be better.

Thank you guys for comments!
I am still new to marathon running and therefore shall learn a lot.
Happy running to Everybody!!!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

New Period

Have started new Training period. Week after race on Sun, Nov 25 had no running at all. I started to run and am glad to feel this feeling of training again, despite of creepy cold and snow. Do I need to put a balaclava on?
I am doing 20 or so miles in Training Week #1 now.
Think of gradually increasing mileage +5 or +10 miles a week. As I remember from my last winter experience - 60 mpw feels like getting 80 miles in "April - October" period.