Monday, March 19, 2007

Birds of a feather ...

Flock together.
So, this is why I like Internet community. It helps me to understand all pros and cons of my work. I found an online coach!!! Absolutely Ready to work! Meet my Coach - Mr. Andrew!
All experiments with repeats and fartlek runs are in the past.. and in the future. Not now. We're working on Base Aerobic training. Although I made this morning 5 miles running on the streets (! never did it before) and in local "EthnoPark" I will start "90 min easy" with HR 140 - 145 beats per minute, tonight.
So it goes.


olga said...

Congrats on coach! That always brings me motivation:)
As for the 'mill - use it, it's good for pace control, hill and interval repeats and when the weather sucks so bad you can't head out safely.

Ruslan said...

Thank you Olga! Yes, coach is a motivational thing! Cause I have to Report and this is a Real Work to have something decent to Report on. So, now I consider running seriously. Repeats, hills, fartleks are prohibited for the phase we have just started with Andrew. Btw, your comments and your fantastic work - to think 50k (!!!) - make me think of you as a Great runner. You said Slow?! Could be, finally you're a mother and a real Tough Lady. I wish one day i could do the same 50k work.

Thomas said...

Well done on joining Andrew's crew. He will have up speeding up and down those races in no time.

You did pretty well in that half marathon, but I think you started a bit too fast. Miles 2 - 6 were a lot faster than the average, and more even pacing would probably have resulted in an even faster time.