Sunday, April 01, 2007

Another week with Andrew. Almost perfect.

Week #2 with Andrew went almost perfect. We've been talking a lot about a possibility of a Day off. But I managed somehow to avoid such a day. Had almost depressing two days somewhere in the middle of the week: Wind and non-stop Snow(!!!) again. I took my thick mittens and a bacalava thinking to my self - How did I make all those runs in Jan & Feb?
It took me some real efforts to get myself together and get back to normal running.
Right in time I got Andrew's "wordy essay" and it helped a lot. Thank you Coach!

Best workout of the week: Yesterday, Sat AM, Hard run 60 min keeping 150 - 155 bpm.
Usually I run in sub 8 miles mode. But yesterday I made up my mind to get to 8 miles "rain or shine"! It means I had to keep sub 7:30 pace! Actually I did it once on the previous week, but that was a PM run, which makes a difference. Splits:

Mile 01: 07:14
Mile 02: 07:26
Mile 03: 07:30
Mile 04: 07:27
Mile 05: 07:43 when i saw it, I screamed "NO!"
Mile 06: 07:33
Mile 07: 07:40 after this mile, Garmin's countdown timer showed that I had 7min17sec left to make a last mile. OK. "All that I've done was a Warm Up and now it's time for real work!!"
Mile 08: 07:08 (at this last mile my HR reached 162-163 I saw it and understood I was breaking a rule of this game, but what a Run!)
129.07 ft 00:14 (avg.pace 10:10!!)

Total for 60 min run:
8.02 miles, avg. pace 07:28, avg.HR 151, max.HR 164

Weekly mileage (Mar, Sun 25 - Sat 31): 65.17 miles, avg. pace 08:33
see details here.


olga said...

Awesome pace, Ruslan! Coaching pays off?:)

Thomas said...

Ok, one question. Why was it so important for you to finish in sub 7:30 average pace?

I don't mean to criticise, I would just like to know why.

Ruslan said...

Thank you Guys! Thomas, I stand for constructive criticism! So, my short answer: I want to be faster. (there's nothing special for 1 hour sub 7:30, you were much faster at your last 10k) Longer version would be posted soon.

How do you find a time to write not short (Hell hath ..) posts and for not really short races and to comment others ?

Ruslan said...

Olga, you too