Friday, March 02, 2007

End of February. End of Winter 2007?

Tons of snow with lower than -25C temps, -31 in the nights.Blocked roads, cars, trains (?!) and my weatherbounce workouts.On the Last day of the February, I was absolutely calm. I sort of gave up. Didn't care about my monthly milage. I knew that I couldn't do what I had planned to do, 205 February miles.8 easy miles. Coherent eyelashes right from beginning - it's a sign that temps are lower than -15C. Due to frost eyelashes, ability to watch is about 60 - 90% of your normal. This is fun. All you see is such a kaleidoscopical effects, digits on Mr. Garmin and a track.
So, all I did in January and February was building an aerobic base mileage.No strides, No hill repeats, some intervals in the GYM.It has to be different. I'm excited about coming Spring. (In fact Official Spring starts from March 21st, I guess - everybody consider March 1st as a beginning of Spring)Despite that I'm slightly disappointed with February runs, i think this Winter was truly Great.

I shall be thankful for Big Things:
- Longest monthly milage I did this winter;
- Thanks to God, I wasn't sick through Dec - Jan - Feb. This is fantastic, after an hour or two of running, having hot and sweaty body, wearing wet sports-jersey inside and truly cold weather outside, as cold as bigger part of my bacalava or simply mask is white cause it covered with frost; how is it possible not to get sick in those circumstances? It takes about 10 min to walk on the city streets to get to my house. I do not run on the streets, just walk. I wouldn't feel myself comfortable running on the streets or in crowded places.

Also, shall be thankful for small things. Thousands of them.
There were Good Runs..
There will be even Greater Runs.
Happy Running to Everybody!
Peace out

Mileage, Feb 2007: between 160 and lower than 170.Need some time to calculate, non-Garmin indoor runs.

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