Wednesday, January 31, 2007

January 2007. Summing Up.

Dear Reader,
You've reached to the page of average runner who trains forward to have a marathon or two in the Spring / Summer 2007. I should be very grateful if you would make some comments on my Running Adventures in Kazakhstan. So, here we go.
January in Central Kazakhstan starts with -30 C and lower temps, which is not really comfortable to pleasant running. Jan 1st, skipped my run and felt guilty. Nope, not due to hangover or something like that. I got to my Stadium feeling this "lower than -30C" and with some care of my Mr. Garmin 305 decided not to put it on. Dangerous. Not for me. For (using Sasha's terminology) "the Toy". It doesn't work under such a cold weather. Deep snow and Sharp Wind from the Steppe which literally Cuts you face skin made Jan 1st run Impossible.
Since Jan 2nd I was able to make only (!) 2 miles per day. Shock. Several days later, with stable -15 I started normal running.
I thoroughly put my slow winter miles into this bank and now my account is full of 171.28 miles for the whole January 2007. Which is my Personal Record for 1 month activity. I still have todays' eve, will make easy 9 miles to finish this month with round number of 180 miles. As for Pace - I guess Mark is right, too low to mention. One excuse - it's really cold sometimes and snow is an issue.
Enough for my first post. That's it. Gonna Run.

P.S. Woke up early yesterday morning. 5 am I'm on the track. Had such a nice Half Marathon run with average temps -5 C. Warm (for us :). Do not judge me so strictly.
Fastest pace was around 8.30 min/mile in the end of Long Run. Splits are on the picture.