Thursday, February 08, 2007

Starting Push

ok now it's clear for me I shall be a better blogspot Poster : )
Here's how it went since Feb 1st, 2007.

February was ALWAYS the Coldest Month in former USSR (at least for Russia, Ukrain, Belorussia, Baltic countries and Kazakhstan). It was quite a normal temps from -25 down to -40 C. What's wrong with this world?! I cancelled my Feb 1st run due to "positive temps" +1 C!!! and as a result - adherent and ropy snow. Warm weather is a problem this season of year (at least for runners who used to have Cold season :) Made a slow (Holy Sh.. that was tough with that snow) one lap - quarter and refused to run, I gave up! Actually was tired and I realized that I'd done 180 miles per January, so convinced myself that One REST Day is acceptable sometimes.
Since that day we had -5 to -7 C which is better and almost perfect to Run.
The only problem is what Mark calls "footing" - 45% of my stadium track is slippery and full of small holes made by our steps in the "warm snow", so Watch Out otherwise you eager to twist / sprain you leg. (Then you will have a lot of REST Days, about a week or something; Oh No, please!).

Here's my work:

Feb 01, 2007: 0 miles
Feb 02, 2007, PM: 8,0 miles, 1:12:54, avg. pace 9:06, avg. HR 136

Feb 03, 2007, AM: 5,0 miles, 43:12, avg. pace 8:38, avg. HR 145
Saturday is a Speedwork day for me - I go to a Special track & Field GYM so it was:
Feb 03, 2007, PM: 4 x 1600m
1600m 06:22'9
1600m 06:27'0
1600m 06:23'0
1600m 06:22'2
btw my Garmin Training Center Software consider 1600m as 0.99 miles which is correct, I suppose. But 800m is clear 0.5 miles.
I did repeats in the Gym with 5 - 10 min rest between them.
Of course Running Monsters (i mean Masters) like Dallen would do it without stoppage and rest between repeats, even with faster pace but I do not compete here. (Saying "Running Monster" I didn't mean nothing offensive, I respect fast guys, for running fast)

Sunday after speed work - the only day for "Long Run" for me.
Feb 04, 2007, PM: 13,11 miles, 1:57:11, avg. pace 8:56, avg. HR 140

Mile 1: 08:16
Mile 2: 08:27
Mile 3: 08:56
Mile 4: 08:45
Mile 5: 08:55
Mile 6: 08:48
Mile 7: 08:43
Mile 8: 08:48
Mile 9: 08:41
Mile 10: 08:40
Mile 11: 08:50
Mile 12: 09:54 !!!
Mile 13: 09:42
add0.11: 01:40 (which is shocking 15:29 pace!)

what happened? Recently I found this article from Thomas' post he made a month before Dublin marathon. So I thought about conception of "The Marathon Long Run".
Wow - my working day is suddenly over. Have to go and Run tonight, 13 miles? at least Ten is for sure.
More comments tomorrow.

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