Monday, February 12, 2007

Better to run well than to say well

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Not a super week that was

61.21 miles in 8 sessions.
avg. pace 8:54 (have a plan to keep it under 9:00), avg. HR 140 bpm
see a picture for more details
9 hours outside with cold weather, moon and stars, snow and wind, clouds and heavy track. Bizarre
Tired of this feelings and struggle. I dream about Spring and running with sub 7:20
A real winter stays with us till the middle of March. Then 2 weeks for a Big thaw. Not sure I'll be able to run through the 40 cm layer of water and snow. And finally, since beginning of April tracks are sort of normal.
Cons: Great Steppe (it's a territory of 5 Frances) generate winds for the whole April, usually. So running wouldn't be comfortable.
May: Steppe is dry enough to run there.
I even have a CountDown for good April days - about 45 days to go...
"While the grass grows the horse starve"
No more complains about Winter. One of running bloggers said that: "Winter may kiss my ass"
That's right! That's what i think running throu blizzards or something.
Be very carefull cause such thoughts could be easily materialized!
The other dark evening I run alone upwind and against another wind blow with tapping my face snow I say it loud: Kiss.. Two laps later I feel that my butt is partly frozen and not only. There are other important parts. Had to quit my workout.

61 Miles - is my Personal Record
Announce I did was different though.


olga said...

61 miles is certaily a great week:) Congrats on personal victory! And don't be scared of 20 miler, bite into it, it's nothing. Marathon at a pace for 3:15 is worth the struggle!

Anonymous said...

Ciao bello! Tu sei bravissimo!!!Io non posso farlo mai...