Thursday, February 01, 2007

180 miles. I Did It

Here I found a really moving video - New High School World record for 1 mile.
Alan Webb - the Biggest hope for American distance running

Jan 31st, PM.
Final run for January. Started almost in 10 pm. It took me more than an hour. I made up my mind to keep sub 8:30. Really we've got so many excuses like wind and snow to have "comfortable" 9:30 making a Half Marathon. 8.9 miles is less than the Half and slightly more than 10 K so it went like this:

Mile 1 08:08
Mile 2 08:16
Mile 3 08:28
Mile 4 08:19
Mile 5 08:24
Mile 6 08:27
Mile 7 08:07
Mile 8 08:01
+ 0.9m 08:14 (pace)

I finished mile #8 and was in such a groove to get that less than a mile done soon.. 2 quarters later I run inattentively and Snap .. I fall down in a tiny split less than a second, landed on my back with decent hit to my body.. Ouch .. I lay down on the ground and see a star, not really bright but shining right above me "Get up & Run" in a second I'm running again, completely spooked telling myself "you're not loosing anything, in 7 sec pace would be normal, 8:00 is not a big deal" Run after the hit like this is hard for several seconds but finally I managed to finish as I planned to. Keeping average pace Sub 8:30

Jan 30, 2007: 13,1 miles, 2:03'19, avg. pace 9:24, avg. HR 145
Jan 31, 2007: 8,9 miles, 1:13'39, avg. pace 8:16, avg. HR 151
Total for January 07: 180.19 miles! Avg. pace 9:33 slow but PR !!!

P.S. Thomas (former rubbish runner) made 333 impressive miles ...
Dallen finished with 334 miles. Congratulations. Good Job!
Mark aka Running Blogfather, his result is unclear for me as his Training Log has no info on this

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