Saturday, February 24, 2007

I'm Down

Originally uploaded by rus_runner.

Originally uploaded by rus_runner.

Really Down.
Last Saturday having completed my Half Marathon workout I laid down on the snow, on my right side. I watched a salute in the night sky. They shot several times. It was not really far - 800 meters away from my stadium (in the "district #30" if you know my city). I guess it was someone's birthday. It was great to lie there watching salute. Because I was lying on my personal highest point - never did 61.7 miles per week before.
This week I also made a record. No one among our runners can do it in the nearest 20 years. As per now, Sat afternoon I made 5 + 1 mile for the whole week. Total 6 (Six!!!) miles. Anybody can do it?

Here's how it transpired.
Sun, day off. Weather was normal, about -12C and I should have run several recovery miles to put something in my bank. I didn't.
Mon, AM. I got to my running places and stopped still, surrounded by snow and being attacked by strong blast and blizzards. There were moments when I didn't see anything within 5 meters around me. I stood there for couple minutes guesstimating my chances to run. No chances. F* It. I quit.
Just a nice morning walk.

Starting from those days - Mon, Tue we had here a really wild weather. It was serious. Russian news pages say that due to blizzards and cold 6 people total were lost and died. Some of them died on the 6th km of the road not far from their car... It was too late to save their lives
In Karaganda and Pavlodar region there was a snow and strong wind up to 17-22 meters per second, sometime to 24 - 29 meters per second...
They died and were found next to their cars, ablsolutely lost and frozen, not far from their little towns, villages. Officials "Do not recommend to Drive" on such days and it is prohibited to use main roads. But there are so many local ways. So people die every year. Ok, I'm here to be a running blogger, not a local reporter.

So, Once in the middle of the week I had a chance to make nice 5 miles. It was sort of warm and I ran competing with thick snow flakes, they were flying ahead of me, disappeared and other appeared again. It was nice.
Another eve I did only 1 mile. Snow & Wind, Wind & Snow. Pace? Oh, come on. Do not ask me.

Now this is my turn to ask after one lucky guy from Alberta, Canada - Haven't We Had Enough?!!! How many more days?

Now I even doubt of completing 205 miles this month. I shall try a lot. I didn't like my approach to the time management made last week. Funny! This week is a pure nonsense.
I Hate this ***ing Weather.
Even today (-20C) somebody from my work asked me: "Rus, did you run today?" - "I didn't"
"Please don't. Otherwise you'll die on the track. We need you here alive."
One more, as we know Mr. Garmin works with temps down to -20C, so i'm not sure if I can use it tonight.
I guess 30 days to go for Good Ol' Spring Days!
I have reached to my highest point.I have reached to the lowest point.
My Winter Struggle is not over. Many battles ahead and I'm excited about coming Spring and definitely sure I'll be on my personal running peak many many more times.

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