Friday, February 16, 2007

Routine or making 55 - 65 miles per week

Do not have much to report.
Everything was usual. After making a "PR week" took a day off, second for this month. Ahh, this month is So-o Short!

Sun, Feb 11, 0 miles, Off and didn't feel guilty.
Mon, Feb 12, AM: 2 miles, avg. pace 8:37, avg. HR 139
micro injure, not really mentionable and (almost twisted my right foot on Icy road - nice start for the week :)
5 min later: 3 miles, avg. pace 8:17, avg. HR 143
the same day, PM: 6 miles, 48:49, avg. pace 08:08, avg. HR 144
Tue, Feb 13, AM: 6 miles, 51:11, avg. pace 08:32, avg. HR 145

look again, here's something to compare: the same distance 6 miles, much slower in the morning and with Higher heartbeat rate??
then all I did was a routine.

Tue, Feb 13, PM: 4 miles, 34:59, avg. pace 08:44, avg. HR 135
Wed, Feb 14, PM: 5.6 miles, 51:41, avg. pace 09:13, avg. HR 133 Lazy! the only excuse was a considerable cold wind.
Thu, Feb 15, AM: 3.27 miles + PM: 7 miles, 1:04:00, avg. pace 09:08, avg. HR 136
Ran and talked with my running pal Mr.Baghdad - hey don't be afraid - it's a typical name for Central Asia, for guys and even gals. He's a former wrestler and now is a lawyer.

I have no idea how I will end up this week (Sun, Feb 11 - Sat, Feb 17).
Guess will be "hanging around" 55 - 65 miles for this and two-three more weeks.

Have to be quick, time to run for me.
Thanks for comments. Thanks for answering me. Personally to Olga, Mark and Thomas and Grazie to LaLenchik.

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