Sunday, February 18, 2007

My New PR - is it Getting Better, Man?!

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Thomas made a truly fantastic work! Inspired me a lot.

Mark - begged Mother Nature for the winter to be over and he got it.

Dallen as usually doing a tough speed work.

so on the previous week (Feb 4 - Feb 10th) my record was: 61.21 m, avg.pace 08:54
this week (Feb 11 - Feb 17th) I finished with: 61.70 m, avg.pace 08:44

Run more, run faster.
Everything is ok? NO!

Every week in run we may consider as a Project.
The Project requires a good management. I'm a self-coached runner, it means I rule my running work. My management for this Record week sucked.
On Feb 17th, Saturday morning I had in stock only 40.59 miles.
A day before, I posted that i was going to make around 55 - 65 miles. I did it in purpose, to be on the safe side. I wasn't sure I was able to reach 60 miles mark again.

Saturday morning Mr. Rus-coach made this reasonable question - So, what we gonna do? Haven't done the Half this week!
AM - 8 miles.
PM - Half marathon.
21 miles in total is nuf to get to 60.
I did it. Of course needless to say that it was a tough work.
Half marathon I clocked with 1:53:53, avg.pace 8:41,
3 seconds faster then I did last week!

If I make a graph/plot for the week, you would see this JERKness, Fri 4 miles! & Sat 21 miles! Incredible JERKness!!!
Now you know Who I am :)

Seriously - I'm a bad running manager. Shall learn to make it better.

P.S. About making a 20 miler. Shall write about it later.
In a nutshell - It's not a right time for doing it. If you know what does it mean - a Winter in Russia or Soviet Union. I'm simply "overweighted" with Heavy winter shoes, 3 jumpers and jackets on me, winter hat and hood and cowl. Sometimes I wear a bacalava.
Will do my first 20 miler in the end of March.

P.P.S. This running post got a big laugh.

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