Thursday, May 03, 2007

Totals. Still in the Club '200+ miles a month'

As I agreed with Andrew, I'm doing week #4 again,
Apr, Sun 29 - May, Sat 5

Apr 29, Sun, AM: 12.02 miles, 2:00:00, 9:59 avg.pace, avg.HR 141
First time I ran in the Steppe this year - feels great.
Cheap Shanghai sneakers caused blisters on my toes on this Long run. Ouch!
Apr 30, Mon, AM: 10.29 miles, 1:30:00, 8:45 avg.pace, avg.HR 143

And that was all - month over.
Total milage for April - 201.94 miles. 10 damn days off!!
Total milage for March was 236.62 miles. Two decent month in the stock, sorry, in the Bank. It's not a time to expect great dividents though.

Happy Running to Everybody!

P.S. Olga, I found you an Ultra in Mongolia! Seriously. It would be real tough work.
About one special marathon in Russia, will tell you soon.
Paul, Astana, Kaz - Are you that man, who ran Astana marathon with me on Sat, Sep 9, 2006? Only you could live and work in Astana and ran Boston in April. If it is you - I've got several pictures of that race and even 320x240 video. I live and run in Karaganda (in Kazakh language - Karagandy or even Qaraghandy). I will visit Astana in the end of May to have a 'Hard' run (1 hour @ 7:30 pace) with running pal Erik, possibly along Ishim river.


Jason The Running Man said...

wow, awesome mileage. Someday...someday I'll be there.

Paul said...

Ruslan: Yes, that was a unique marathon - doing that Ishim river loop 11 times! You were the out-of-town guy whose brother was taking pictures, right? You are doing excellent training and should have no trouble making your goal. Yeah, I'd like to join you guys for a run when you come to Astana. I'm thinking of going up to Omsk for the Siberian Int'l Marathon in August.

olga said...

Is that Mongolia thing the one that was used for World Champ when US Montrail team won? I need to get my citizenship first before traveling, but yes, that would be cool (or hot and humid rather).
Good deal on sticking with training and not jumping over a bad week.

Ruslan said...

Paul - yes, that was me. 11 laps for you and 10 laps for me, I guess you remember.. That bald-headed judge should've been patient, so I do not consider Astana 2006 as my first marathon, that was a trial run, but since that race I know exactly what is it like - to run marathon. On my sidebar you may choose My Photos section and there's a picture of me in hat and sunglasses (I remember it was +30C!!) taken on that race. That marathon is my personal Nightmare. I train hard now cause I do not want to repeat the Nightmare again. So, soon I will post about upcoming races in Kaz and hope to see you in the end of May. Actually I thought about Omsk in Aug.. Do you suddenly remember that guy Andrei Chigidinov who won Astana with sub 3 hours result - he did Omsk before Astana, you could do the same if they make Astana in September again (or Omsk + 10k in Astana). As for me - Moscow is a better choice, Omsk is closer and cheaper but I don't like idea of travelling about 26 hours by train to Omsk right before marathon. 3 hours by plane to Moscow is my choice, after race I could go back to Kaz by train - it takes about 48 hours, I wouldn't care.

Ruslan said...

Olga your "depression comes" post scared me. Yes I tried to make a comment - "Cave" was closed :( Be good, No more caverns, Please!

arcteryx said...

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