Sunday, April 29, 2007

I'm in Karaganda State of Mind :)

I visited Shanghai for the 2nd time. I love China! All thoughts and impressions about this extraordinary country are out of my blog. I'm here to write about long distance running.
The business trip was tough, therefore i had no time to keep running. As of business in Shanghai, we fulfiled all tasks we had to. Good. Good.
Running wasn't bad. It was worst ever, due to almost no run I did in Shanghai. I did only One 'session' of 5 miles running along Huangpu river at midnight. Why at midnight? Have I tried this to be done couple hours earlier I would be stuck into incredibly eclectical crowd of Chinese, Arabian, Indian, Euro-American tourists, I even heard Russian talks there.
To think - Five Miles per Week only! About 40 min with the Tool, forgot HR monitor.
I'm not trying to create an excuse, but surely didn't feel like running there. Everything is too cheap there, too many things to entertain you, too many choices. Central Asia, Kazakhstan is right what I need now. Simple places which allow me to work and run. Andrew, as long as I get to the lowest possible level now after fantastic 72 miles PB, I really think I shall repeat Week # 4,5 and 6. I can't go to the high mileage activity now, will try to do 50+, 60+, 70+ miles correspondingly.
What else to say? I don't want to go any business trip to China this year. No More. Somebody else who doesn't care about running could do it. What I really want is to go there by myself to Shanghai marathon in November. My preliminary plan for upcoming races / marathons looks like this:
- Moscow, Russia, Sep 2007
- Shanghai, China, Nov 2007
What about Peter (Russian slang for Saint-Petersburg) - I can't do it in the end of June, am simply not ready. Peter is still a big Dream for me. Also Andrew asked me "no marathons till August".
P.S. I have a right to edit and add other weeks to follow, to to my previous post 'Work with Andrew'


Emilie said...

"Everything is too cheap there, too many things to entertain you, too many choices."?!
Anyway,good luck!

olga said...

Bummer for no running in China, but life happens - when I go to Russia, I rarely run more than 3 times by 5M in a week of visiting...just not in a mood. My husband is going to Russia in September - if that was me, I'd run Moscow marathon, but it's not...I'll be there end of December:)

Jason The Running Man said...

at least you got 5 miles in. Hang in there!