Thursday, May 17, 2007

60 min @ 7:00 pace. New PR with unknown Pacemaker.

OK. That's incredibly funny. Rus made 1 hour PR chasing running ladies. LOL!!!

Technically I improved “girly” record last Saturday and now it’s 60 min at 7:00 sharp.
Will update this later..

Quick announce. I’ll be
here in Astana this Sat, 3 pm.


Hopefully to start 1 hour Hard workout with Erik. Paul if you could do it – join us.


Anonymous said...

Удачи тебе, Рус! Увидемся!

Thomas said...

Did you manage to catch the ladies you were chasing?

olga said...

Ha, Russian script!
Keep an eye on fast ladies and continue to kick butt (mostly yours, please).

Paul said...

Rats, I could have used a hard run with you guys today. But I hadn't checked your site for a couple of days and anyway I had plans this afternoon. Maybe next time.

BTW, that is a cool photo showing where I run along the river everyday.