Sunday, May 06, 2007

Ease Back

Let me here quote Andrew: I agreee with you, repeat those weeks and build yourself back up. Just be careful not to overdo it on the first week back in terms of speed. The milage and time can be brought back rather quickly, but the intensity needs to be measured..
Have a good day and ease back into the "hard" with caution.

Thank you Andrew!
So, Week #4, Apr, Sun 29 - May, Sat 5 is over.
Totals: 59.88 mi

I have to make here some analysis - I paid a lot of attention to HARD on Tue, Thu, Sat. Always look at 90 min EZ as at "routine". Now I see this is a Big Mistake. I was told in the beginning that "sequence of Hard/EZ runs is important". But I'[m only human. Supposed to make mistake. But sometimes it brings good results. Am I right or am I wrong. Technically I have no clue. Here is how I did me week.

Tue, May 1, PM: 01:00:00 Hard, 7:99 mi, pace 7:31, avg.HR 151
Wed, May 2, AM: 01:30:00 EZ, 9:91 mi, pace 9:05, avg.HR 142
Thu, May 3, PM: 01:00:00 Hard, 8:01 mi, pace 7:30, avg.HR 143 - moonlighting
Fri, May 4, PM: 00:28:57 EZ, 3:00 mi, pace 9:39, avg.HR 120
Sat, May 5, PM: 01:01:00 Hard - this one, I did yesterday was truly special and unbelievable... Sorry my Inet time in cafe over. Will finish soon.


Andrew said...

Looks good!

olga said...

Wow, from 5 miles to 56!

Emilie said...

Congratulations on your good work!
Support you, always!