Saturday, May 26, 2007

Andrew's Stage 1. Over

Blogging is a truly boring thing – that’s what I feel from time to time.
Running would never be boring to me, until I try to hit my mileage up to 80 – 90 mpw. Soon.
Actually, starting right from tomorrow. My “Stage 1” training period with Andrew is over.
Time to draw some analysis.

Mar 07
Week #01 / Sun 18 - Sat 24 / 55.15 mi
Week #02 / Sun 25 - Sat 31 / 65.17 mi

Apr 07
Week #03 / Sun 01 - Sat 07 / 62.06 mi
Week #04 / Sun 08 - Sat 14 / 72.37 mi
Week #.... / Sun 15 - Sat 21 / 40.20 mi
Week in China / Sun 22 - Sat 28 / 5 mi !!!

May 07
Week #04 (again) / Sun 29 - Sat 05 / 55 + mi
Week #05 / Sun 06 - Sat 12 / 71.18 mi
Week #06 / Sun 13 - Sat 19 / 56.26 mi

I am particularly pleased with Week #5 – I do consider it the best week from the First Stage. If you wonder how the perfect week from the First Andrew’s stage looks – see this plot. You can see there, that I had only 1 additional unscheduled warmup for 2.05 miles. Actually it was truly windy that day. What does "windy" mean? Look at the picture - a broken tree 2 meters away from the entrance to my house. By the time I was doing my Hard workout, Mother Nature chilled out. Still wind could be an Issue.
Some Details on my 1st Stage:
- 90 min EZ workouts: Easy run - refreshing. I like them, target HR 140 - 145 and usually I "sink into" (this is from Andrew's vocabulary) those 90 minutes. Normally I did 10+ miles. What a nice running with sub 9:00 pace! (I guess people call it Jogging :)

- 60 min Hard workouts: I knew I could do it at 7:15. But never thought about 7:02 pace and faster pace. Run in such a manner that you can finish without going anaerobic. So, Ladies helped / forced me to run at 7:00 pace for one mile which I had expected to be slower. I didn't catch them, all they did was 400m at average 1m45s which is exactly 7:00 pace. Then they stopped and all I had to do, was keep on running with the same pace. One week later, on
Sat 5/12 I made it again. The Best 60 min Hard workout. 7:00 average pace which was a real surprice for me. There was a guy who joined me right from the the start and as his pace was close to my target pace I made attempt to compete with him. He was smaller, lighter and surely younger than me and he sustained the speed for 15 laps/quarters which is 6k so it less then 30 min. That was all he could do, but I was really thankful to him cause he did a Good Pacemaker's job for me. The rest of the distance I made alone. 1 hour at 7:00, next time I shall aim for 6:57 or so.

One of the worst Hard workout I did in Astana last week.
Sat 5/19. I met Erik at that place. Trip to Astana took almost 3 hours in a van so by the time we started I was simply dehydrated, some water we bought right before the start didn't workm, it was too late. I used to run in Flat Ethno park in the mornings or in my Stadium in PM time which is also absolutely flat. But route in Astana is quite a different thing (Paul you're lucky to have that place to run). There’s a long incline toward the bridge, decline part was with such a strong headwind, so it made the whole running process almost grueling. Slowest mile we did was at 8:11. That was a cruel lesson. Dehydration caused incredibly high HR at the slow pace. All I saw on my Tool was 160 – 161 HR.
We finished with 7.68 mi, 60:00, avg.pace 07:48, avg.HR 159.
“Just not your day to run” I heard from Erik.
(Man, although that was a tough run – thanks a lot! Your Once in a Lifetime experience is almost over. Good luck in New-Hampshire! Hope to see you again someday.)
It was last run for my Stage #1 and Conclusion I’ve drawn from Astana route is that I shall learn more about How to run non-flat routes.

- 2 hours Long runs. This is / (was?) my weekest point. I will work more on it.
If you ever read this article you know How important Long run for marathon runner's preparation - simply a crucial part.

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Paul said...

Yeah, I guess, you can say I'm lucky in Astana. But it really is not hilly here at all - there is no place to do a hill workout, and I paid for that in Boston. Plus the wind is something else esp. along the river.

Ruslan, keep up your impressive training program. Let me know next time you come to Astana (and drink some water on the way!). I live just a 5 minute run from that statue.