Friday, May 11, 2007

Hey Ladies!

Fri, May 4th, 90 min EZ run. That day I made one mistake - a guy from my work had dismissed some time ago and invited co-workers to a local Pizza Hut place to have some Pizza and beer. A glass of beer after work was enough for me to feel dizzy. Oh, Man - I'm not able to tolerate those things - I'm just a runner. Guys and girls were not pleased with Beer and Pizza and started to search for "better" place with hot drinks and disco. Sorry guys, I left you having 90 min EZ run in my ..yep, strange mind. I'm a runner - so No Partying Hard.
Stadium - made 3 incredibly SLOW miles lower than 9:30. I run so slow. I don't want to run, I want to vomit. Sorry for details. I didn't really fight with it, 3 miles was enough. I knew my total weekly milage has to be lower than 60 miles per week. You can't just jump from 5 miles up to 60+ without a high risk of getting injured.

And here's about that unbelievable thing happened right on next day after "Run till you vomit" slow miles.

Sat, May 5th, 61 min, HARD run. (Yes I put 61 min to my Garmin as a tiny "compensation" for Beer run).
Usually I work on Saturdays till lunch time, but that day we didn't work.
Whoa, there are people on my Stadium. I made 1 lap as a warm up reaching sub 7:00 pace. Feel Good after yesterday.
Started. Legs feel so good and I clock first mile with 6:58. OK, it's enough - not so fast, not so fast. Mile #2 has to be 5 sec slower. Don't be stupid - Back Off! 7:05 Yes, I will do my plan, every mile 5 sec slower! Mile #3 is 7:06 - Slow Down, Easy man!
Suddnely, I see 3 ladies 200 meters ahead of me. Just started and they run fast, good. I fixed my eyes on them, looks like they run at 7:15 pace. Let's play traditional Kazakh game called "Catch a Girl", I saw it on TV couple times. A Guy have to catch a Lady riding on a horse, well Lady is also on a horse :). There has to be a Point of Return, untill that point, guy has to catch her, after the Point they return to their village and if he didn't catch her, he's a Looser. She may beat down him with a horsewhip. At least that's what I heard.
OK, half quarter later I still can't catch them, what the sh.. is going on, they do not look like pro athletes. One lady dropped, aha. 2 of them still run fast, 400 meters later I can't catch them, damn. I do sub 7:00 but it's a matter of principle. So, having complete 1 quarter and something ladies suddenly stop. I pass them finally. Uhhg, mile #4 is over - 06:57. Sub 7:00.
Later there were other guys and girls running the same track, but they were not that fast. Those 3 ladies left stadium. Don't blame me - I didn't have to make such a fast workout. It's them who made me run that fast.


Mile 01: 06:58
Mile 02: 07:05
Mile 03: 07:06
Mile 04: 06:57

Mile 05: 07:02
Mile 06: 06:57
Mile 07: 07:03
Mile 08: 07:09
0.66 mi 04:51 (pace 07:01)

Sat, May 5, PM, Hard: 8:66 mi, 01:01:00, pace 07:02, avg.HR 158, max.HR 168

As of now, this one is my Best Hard workout.
I walk from "stadium" and on the way home see those 3 girls. I guess they recognized me "That fast Dude". Pass them in silence just say to myself - Thank you girls :)

This week is nothing special, I try to be conservative. Will hit 70 miles tomorrow.

Mar 06, Sun, PM: 13.18 mi, 2:00:00, avg.pace 09:06, avg.HR 137
Mar 07, Mon, AM: 10.12 mi, 1:30:00, avg.pace 08:53, avg.HR 136
Mar 08, Tue, PM: 2.05 mi, 15:56, avg.pace 07:45, warm up
Mar 08, Tue, PM: 8.10 mi, 60:00, avg.pace 07:24, avg.HR 148
Mar 09, Wed, PM: 10.56 mi, 1:30:00, avg.pace 08:31, avg.HR 142
Mar 10, Thu, PM: 8.08 mi, 60:00, avg.pace 07:25, avg.HR 147
I already have 52.09 miles on my deposit. Today & tomorrow, 2 workouts left (about 10 EZ mi today + 8 Hard mi tomorrow). I've got a big temptation to make 3-4 slow-slow miles to hit my Personal Best week. From other hand, it's not good to get to a high mileage so fast. I'll be conservative. I better get going...


Thomas said...

Next time try either to skip the party or the workout. Doing a bit of both is not a good idea.

Chasing women, eh? That's always a good incentive to run fast.

Ruslan said...

Thank you Thomas for your comment. In fact you DID Awesome Half recently, runnin' much faster without chasing any ladies. Great Record and a Sample for me. 5k, 10k, Ultra, Half - you're too fast to update your sidebar, I mean PR's. Way to Go, Thomas!

olga said...

Well, just means when you're ready to give a go at a marathon, pick a couple of fast ladies, draft off and then kick in!