Saturday, May 26, 2007

First 20 Miler

I got a new program from Andrew and started another Stage.
Changes: I do not have 60 min Hard workouts anymore, there's another way to "entertain" my legs and muscles. This way is Uphill workouts. What a sweaty fun : )
I almost finish this week and here’s the best thing I did on Sun 5/20, right after grueling 60 min run in Astana the day before. This is my first 20 miler ever. You can see the trick I did, started with target 7:40 and then “each mile 5 sec slower” strategy. It worked. Apparently this “strategy” is truly stupid. Because in real competition I would be slower and slower, down to 9:00 pace (!) but for this time this trick is not that bad I think.

Mile 01: 07:39
Mile 02: 07:44
Mile 03: 07:49
Mile 04: 07:54
Mile 05: 07:58
Mile 06: 08:01
Mile 07: 08:05
Mile 08: 08:11
Mile 09: 08:17

Mile 10: 08:25
Mile 11: 08:30
Mile 12: 08:32
Mile 13: 08:37
Mile 14: 08:43
Mile 15: 08:47
Mile 16: 08:54
Mile 17: 08:59
Mile 18: 08:56
Mile 19: 08:58
Mile 20: 08:52

Detailed info on a Garmin screenshot here.
Total time 2h 48m 05s at 8:24 avg.pace.
Olga – thanks for you comments on my first 20 miler. You were that person who encouraged me to be valiant and crack 20 miler since your comment on this topic somewhere in Feb 07. Spasibo!!!
Tomorrow I have that hellish long again. I don’t want it last for more than 3 hours. I guess I will do it the same way with some modifications.
Tonight I finish my first week and it has to be Tempo.
“Start easily then increase pace to 90% maxHR for 20 minutes then back down. Total run time: 1 hour. Increase tempo portion by 5 minutes per week if possible.”
I guess my max.HR is about 179. (yep, so Low) Let’s say 180. Looks like I have to make couple slow miles, then attempt to crack 20 min with HR about 162 !!! (do I have to go to Astana? Not in this summer : ) 20 min with such a High Heart Rate is a daunting task.
Work with Andrew on the way to my race (what is my upcoming race is still not clear for me – Omsk or Moscow?? Shanghai! :) is full of surprises.


olga said...

I might be late with a comment, but how about instead of pace going 5 sec up every mile starting with 8:40's and taking 5 sec faster each next one? Then hold at whatever your predicted MP is for middle 10M and finish with sprint (well, almost). At least my past marathon coaches prescribed that.
You have insanely low MHR - is it because of training or natural? I actually have no idea of your exact age:) but 30-something should have mid-180's? Never mind. Impressive training, very precise and patient. You'll do well in running. I hope to build like that next season:)

Emi said...

You never know how much I care and respect your PRIORITY,and you never know how much I enjoy sharing your feeling of your priority with you!
You never know.
Always supporting you!