Monday, June 18, 2007

more shots

Almaz (aka Long Tall Kaz guy) and a Peace Corp guy after the race. A German mister who reminded me "Bilbo Baggins" just finished

We did it!

Australian guys stand there, on the left and here is what happens if you're not good enough for the race. More photos in better resolution available here.


Anonymous said...

Hey ! Glad 2 see again, Dogg
You're amazing with acting so fast, and keeping your words. I would like keep in touch with you, I find you very interesting person, and I liked your Self-description on blog.

Catch U on the flip-side, Dogg
Thanks 4 photos !!!

Ruslan said...

Hey Almaz! It was great to compete with you. Will never forget that Wrong turn and Camel and Ramstore sign. It took me about 3 or 4 days to recover. Flip Side? One year later I will probably run there. Technically I dream of Saint-Petersburg in the end of June 08 so can not promise anything. Anyway, I try to update my page here at least once per week. My cell phone is on post dtd June 6th, it is called "Announce".
Stay tuned
P.S. Hey did you get anything besides Certificate (Gramota)?
Let me know if you’ve got other shots from the race.