Friday, June 22, 2007

Do you wanna Bump it?

Can't believe it, we started to discuss a Taper which is coming soon. The only problem is that I have to survive to get to that blessed period of time!
Here's my point, to be clear: I'm planning to have 5 continuous weeks with weekly mileage, let me guesstimate it - about 80 mpw.
Short disclaimer, just to be on the safe side: "about 80 mpw" means less or more. Also hope not to get injured doing a highest possible, well for me, mileage.
Andrew went to Boston and would be out of touch till Sunday I guess.
He supports me in my attempt to get the mileage. But warned me recently:

You work too hard sometimes. You are driven to succeed but I am worried that you will leave your race in your training.
I won't.

Thomas! I admit I do not know much about How to do a perfect Taper. Null is my Marathon history. I tried once (absolutely unprepared) and DNF! Now we work with Andrew and work so well.
Yep, coach will have to say something about that. We haven't talked about it yet.
As Andrew mapped it out for me, I'm finishing now 1st week out of four.
May be, beginning from July 15th I will start doing something special - can't read coach's mind. Hope to be able to hit 80 miles anyway.
Do I have enough time to make those mad weeks? here's how I visualize it to myself.

June, Sun 17 – Sat 23: ~80 mi
June, Sun 24 - Sat 30: ~80 mi

July, Sun 01 – Sat 07: ~80 mi
July, Sun 08 - Sat 14: ~80 mi
July, Sun 15 – Sat 21: ~80 mi

Taper starts somewhere here:
July, Sun 22 - Sat 28: .... mi
Jul/Aug, Su 29 - Sa 4th Taper & The Race!

Here's a lilttle bit about my Current week.
I guess it is called Andrew's Stage #3. Week 1.

Su, 6/17, AM: 4 mi, at 8:25. EZ AM miles
Su, 6/17, PM: 21 mi, 3:17:03, pace 9:23. Longest & Hardest workout

Mo, 6/18, PM: 5.03 mi, at 8:24. EZ refreshing work

Tu, 6/19, PM: 6.01 mi, at 8:53. Refreshing routine.
Didn't fulfill coach's plan Once - plan was 12 mi

We, 6/20, PM: 8.27 mi, at 8:31. Slow & easy.

Th, 6/21, PM: 12.01 mi, 1:54:50, pace 9:33. Tired.
Didn't fulfill twice / plan was 15 easy. Sorry coach.

Fr, 6/22, AM: 5.51 mi, at 8:45. Relaxed with a sunrise.

Total for now: 61.82 miles but this week is not over yet.
Got to run. Now.

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olga said...

It's easier to bump the miels when you can smell the taper:) Just do it!