Wednesday, June 20, 2007

it's Time to increase the mileage

Many times I read on other runners' pages something like:
I'm gonna use this Half-marathon as a preparation to my next Marathon.
I thought about it for a while, can I consider extremal Almaty race as a "good preparation"?
Here's my own conclusion:
No. I enjoyed the Race but The Half I did in Almaty is too extremal (6 mi/10 km up). Was I deadly tired several days after the race.

These are some stats:
Taper week (incl the Half)
June, Sun 03 – Sat 09: 44.65 mi
Recover week
June, Sun 10 - Sat 16: 46.14 mi

There were positives moments in my recent workouts,
The last note of my recovery week was TEMPO and I managed it just as planned. Finally:
2 mi @ sub 7:20
2 mi @ sub 7:00
30 min @ sub 7:20
Total: 58:36, 8.11 mi, avg.pace 7:13, avg.HR 156
See details here.

Surely I'm not satisfied with my mileage, which is fairly LOW.
As I'm (and not only me) heading to SIM - Siberian International Marathon,
have 6 + weeks to go. Deduct a week for the taper and we've got only 5 weeks for a serious work.
From other hand I look on guys like Ryan.
This young man makes ~40 mpw and plans to hit sub 3:00
Really wonder How is it possible??!

Best Marathon report of this month from "Mr. Banking Miles". It's a Great Lesson and I have to learn it.
Hurray to Olga who recently finished her 100 miler !!!
Olga - You're Super!
I was doing my miserable 21 miler past Sunday and thought about you.
Will post soon more about this week with record (I hope so) mileage.

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Thomas said...

You're only planning one week of taper? That's a bad idea, and I'm sure your coach will have to say a few things about that.