Sunday, June 03, 2007

70 mpw. She Loves me / She Hates me

Last week Sun, May 27 – Sat, Jun 2nd.
Andrew approved my attempts to get a higher weekly mileage (about “miles make champions” concept you can read anywhere) and told me to see and be concentrated on main things:
– Long run
– Hill repeats (“transition” to a future speed work)
– Tempo
Three main components of my running work now.

I expected mush more from this week, much more. Instead dramatically failed yesterday doing Tempo.
Su, 5/27, PM: 20 mi, at 8:15. Good. Cut off 3 minutes and felt much better than first time.
Mo, 5/28, PM: 8.0 mi, 1:10:19, pace 8:47. EZ refreshing work.
Tu, 5/29, AM!: 6.0 mi, 52:34, pace 8:45. Need better deposit.
Same day, PM: 2 mi incl. 2 hills, 22:44, pace 11:22
Back to the track + 2 mi, 15:52, pace 7:56. Done for that day.
We, 5/30, PM: 6.04 mi, 51:53, pace 8:35. EZ work.
Th, 5/31, PM: 3.07 mi incl. 8 hills*, 36:47, pace 11:59. Tough work.
Same day, back to track, 2.01 mi cool down, 17:11, pace 8:33.
Fr, 6/01, PM: 10.06 mi, 1:30:00, pace 8:56. Sore after hills. EZ.
Sa, 6/02, PM: TEMPO! Andrew made some changes: it’s
2 mi sub 7:20
1 or 2 mi sub 7:00
The rest @ 7:20. “The Rest” looked like complete 1 hour total running.
Does it seem to you, my Dear Reader like too tough? Given those 1 hour runs at average 7:00 and 7:02 I did several Saturdays ago – this Tempo could be a Piece of Cake, right? That’s what I thought. Real life is not what we put into our GPS watch. It is a combination of thousand factors.
1. Go for 00:02:00. Try to keep my HR in zone 1.
2. Go for 00:02:00. Try to keep my HR in zone 2.
3. Go for 00:02:00. Try to keep my HR in zone 3.
4. Go 2 mi.. to keep my speed 7:20 and 6:20.
5. Go 2 mi.. to keep my speed 7:00 and 6:00.
6. Go for 00:30:00.. to keep my speed 7:20 and 6:20
7. Go for 00:02:00. Try to keep my HR in zone 2.
8. Go for 00:02:00. Try to keep my HR in zone 1.
Actual: Step 1,2,3 of course for dummies (don’t want to offend anyone) and for my personal cardiovascular system.
2 miles sub 7:20 – I run and do it good. 2 mi, 14:27, avg. 7:13
2 miles sub 7:00 – it’s hot out there, it’s getting harder. 2 mi, 13:56, avg. 6:58, HR 158
Good Job! That’s what people call Tempo. But I’m done.
I almost stop, I sweat, I jog & drag – “U lazy a..hole, move your butt!”
1 mi, 07:55, avg. 7:54 (Center says), HR 154. Over.
See this plot for details.

Laid on the grass, watched Garmin’s history for the week and decided to drag on to get 70 mpw.
+ 5.27 miles, 47:42, avg.pace 09:03, avg.HR 143. Crap.
Total for the week Sun, May 27 – Sat, Jun 2nd:
70.01 miles.

* this is my PB hill workout. Never did 8 non-stop uphill runs. My hill is pretty steep (Ascent 103 ft or 31 meter). Here’s a sample video (that was I guess first time 4 hill repeats this year, thanks to my bro Tim). Sorry for the quality.


Andrew said...

Doing great. Heat takes it's toll on everyone. Be sure to rest and shake out the legs - even it means postponing the next hill work. Must recover.

olga said...

Awesome!!! Wow, you do hill repeats that are real hills! :) Love it! Congrats on 70 miles, and don't cry over heat-dropping pace thingy, it's normal, acclimate, you'll kick ass!

xijia said...

Dear elder brother,I am not good at running and do not know much about running.But I really admire your tough mind and expert of running. I believe someday you will run to all over the world. :) 路遥知马力,日久见人心!

Paul said...

Hey, I'm jealous of your hill out there in Karaganda. And we really do experience the range of weather in northern Kazakhstan. It was hot on Saturday, but this morning running it was just above freezing! Anyway, Ruslan, you are doing great in your training. You are an inspiration!

Jason The Running Man said...

Wow great work...keep it up!

Anonymous said...

hey you need more photos - to go with all the data and info to make this fun (for visitors anyway) good luck with your training.

monzee2005 from youtube