Wednesday, June 27, 2007

80 mpw

Continuing on.
I made what I planned for a single week – 80 mere miles, slow miles, some of them tough (oh that Long on Sunday) and some of them fast. It transpired as follows:

Fr, 6/22, PM: 5.8 mi, 49:12, pace 8:28. Ordinary routine, just put more miles into my account; I have financial manager up there, in the state of Maine, he manages my deposit well;
Sa, 6/23, AM: 5.4 mi @ 8:24. The same;
Main work in PM time, Andrew recommended Mile repeats or Tempo.
I do Mile repeats.
Sa, 6/23, PM:
2.02 mi @ 7:43 warming up; then decided to make sort of PR

suddenly met a guy who was an “unknown pacemaker” on one dark eve a month ago or so, the guy who helped me to make 1 hour at sub 7:00 pace. Really young Kazakh guy (I guess seventeen) hardly can speak Russian. Shame on me – I know no more than 200 Kaz words. We talked using both Rus & Kaz words, he’s a light (54 kg) fighter and runs from time to time.

- I work here to prepare to a marathon, do you know what is Marathon?
Negative, he shook his head.
- Ah, it’s about 42 km or
here at the stadium it would be around 105 laps.
He reasked me in Kazakh, One Hundred Laps?
So amazed and surprised! What for??!
- Have no idea what is it for?! Just madly long distance. Ok, young guy – will you run 4 fast laps with me? Please be a pacemaker.
Gave me approving nod.
1.0 mi – Mr. Garmin's history says I did it in 5:56
actually when I finished (I used “Workouts – Quick mode” and ran watching “Virtual partner” who ran at 6:00 pace) I saw result 5:57. I’m a little bit confused, so let it be 5:57. My 1 mile PR.
Yes, 10 years ago I did sub 5:50, but it was 1600 meters.
1.0 mi @ 6:53
1.0 mi @ 6:52
2.0 mi Cooling down @ 7:49
Total for the Week: 11h:45m; 80.04 miles, avg. pace 8:48
So Slow! One of my slowest week at all. Finally the main thing here is pumping up the mileage and I really pleased with this magical mark.

One more.
I didn’t make uphills and really miss them, also there’s absolutely no chance for doing uphill runs in winter here. Too much snow .. uhmm, I better quit talking about coming winter. Enjoy summer!
My work with Andrew goes on and pretty soon we will discuss a strategy for the Race. Then we’ll think about Taper.
Yes, I can smell the sweat, sorry I mean Sweet Taper :)

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olga said...

5:57 is impressive, but isn't it supposed to be even paced miles? :) Still fast though. I don't even remember what 7's mean anymore...