Monday, April 09, 2007

Working Further with Coach. 3 weeks Done.

OK. I gave up. I took one day off. There were many reasons for doing that. One of them is the "issue" Mark had recently. This switch from Winter, Snow running into work on pavement is a truly dangerous thing. Watch out!
Did I do something special on my week #3 with Andrew. NOthing, I even didn't make a 8 mile/hour run, all of them were sub 8 miles. But I feel that I'm in truly great shape now. One of the Best ever. Ready to make this week better. Let's see.

Best Moment of my running week: Fri, PM. I run on my Stadium 90 min EZ run which is about 10 miles. Still cold, run without mittens though. But wearing a hat which I used to wear throu all cold, cruel Winter we had here. And when I had couple miles to go, suddenly something unexpected happened. A tree with long branches, without leaves of course was there in the still of the night.. and those branches gently "took" my hat off while I was running along. Turned back to see my black hat lying on the floor. I keep a good pace so no need to make a return for that. I realize then that I Run Without Hat!!! First time this year! I'm amazed.
Warm and fresh air is truly fantastic. Some warm rain didn't spoil my workout. That was Great!
(Little Darling, it's been a Long, Cold, .. aha Winter)
Spring is Here! Thanks Heaven!

Weekly mileage (Apr, Sun 1 - Sat 7): 62.06 miles, pace 08:33 see details here.
It goes right to my Best Weeks "Hall of Fame" : )

Enjoy Running!

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olga said...

Moving up and easy:) That was a great month of March, and the pace for your daily runs is fast! I especially like the "best shape ever" feeling. It's a truly great feeling.
Yay for taking some clothes off!!