Wednesday, May 28, 2008

End of May 2008

Ha! I'm alive and kicking here, this is for sure.
Thanks for all your kind comments:

- Flanture, Man I will talk to you soon as I always have questions about Flash and AS 3.0
(I do recommend for those of you who curious about latest 2D technologies, i.e. this guy gave me a definite answer to my How to put swf file into Blogger's sidebar as we can't put any Flash object using standard tools).

- Eric, we're doing so called Paul's "Farewell Run" in Astana this Saturday, May 31, 2008. Start about 9.30 in the morning. Feel free to talk to me for more details (roninxp* 8 705 250 41 30). Going to hit 10 easy miles, (as for me 8:00 pace would be perfect) no need to consider it as a Race.
Here's a photo from Race local diplomats made in Astana couple weeks ago (sorry guys, I missed it, peak of my training took its toll)

My running life went almost as I planned, I didn't get to my chart 8 Best Weeks Ever though. The maximum volume of work I did trying to crack my body down was 63 & 60 mpw couple weeks ago. And now I Taper.

So Race is a week away from now. Next Sat we will have some fun in Almaty.

Organizers pay well for TOP3 runners in Half Marathon
3000, 2000 & 1000 (i hope not tenge but) dollars respectively.
The game is Worth the candle, isn't it?

P.S. Good Luck everybody and I'll see you soon!
P.P.S. Can you believe that a Lady from Kazakhstan WON London marathon several weeks ago? Keep reading...

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