Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Fun Run in Astana Announce

Rus, Thanks for hosting the Karaganda 20-miler, and the media support from Sasha and Timur. Pass on my congrats on Tim's chess victory.

How about this for an announcement for our next run:
"Vecyoli Zabeg" - Saturday, May 17 at 9:30 am in Astana - 5/10 km Fun Run. We will meet at the running course near the Sariy Arka bridge along the river next to the Astana Park Hotel. I have several Americans and Kazakhstanis interested, as well as an Austrian, Italian and Canadian. So maybe we should call it the "Astana International Fun Run".

- Paul Gilmer


flanture said...

hey Ruslan,

I see you put my bookshelf widget on your sidebar - that's big thanks, man! If you want, I can make another special bookshelf for you with books about training, exercises and stuff you like? What do you say? Just drop me a line.

best wishes

Eric said...

Ruslan, nice blog. Two quick questions:

(1) Is there a regular Astana running group? I'll be in town May 26-June 5 and would welcome the running company (particularly because I don't know the running routes in Astana well)

(2) Are there any affordable hotels / bed and breakfasts you'd recommend for Astana? My work covers the Intercontinental for the first 4 days but I'm staying on to do further research which I will be covering out of a modest university research account. Any suggestions would be most welcome!

Many thanks, Eric