Saturday, June 07, 2008

Almaty Medeo Half 2008. Preliminaries.

Today, Jun 7, 2008 I got to Almaty early am to get to their Stadium to be registered with tne famous Karaganda Ultra runner, Mr. Pavel Sirotin. We both were standing still and amazed, WTF.. jaw down seeing Announce paper that Medeo race to be held on NEXT DAY, Sun, Jun 8, 8 am!!! Holy ..... We talked to organizer – yes, the Race is tomorrow, absolutely new route, not far from Medeo sport complex. It’s going to be a flat race… you say this is advantage??
How about racing at 2000 meters altitude? (have no clue how many ft’s it is, will check later with my Garmin Training Center). So organizer recommended to spend this night at Medeo place “to acclimatize over there, otherwise you’re dead young man”.
And that is all to report now.
Rus, from Almaty, former Kazakistani capital.

P.S. Full marathon is cancelled. All of us will run Half tomorrow.


Thomas said...

That does not look like the best organised race ever. Good Luck!

Paul said...

Hey Rus - how did the race go? It sounds like a typical KZ production - hope you could handle the altitude.

I made it to the US and did a 27.6 km run along the Pacific Ocean this morning.