Monday, May 05, 2008

Training Week #22

was pretty similar to week #20, with a few changes actually.

I decided to divide Tough workouts:
- mile repeats on Thu and
- hill session on Sat.
This time I hit "interval workout" (using Mr.Garmin'slanguage) 2 x 1 mi with 11m30s rest in between. The rest time was agreed with coach for a season Spring-Summer 2007 and it is a "Subject to Change" with a notice that it will be shorter. And shorter. Times for miles:
within an inch of my PR.
Hills! No need to boast but I myself was surprised making 8 hills last Sat... and this time it didn't hurt like, i mean my pain tolerance has reached higher level. 8 hills is my current PR.

P.S. i got an Announce for Astana 5k/10k FUN RUN. I blow into my bloggin' trumpet (as long as not only foreigners read me) to join this unofficial race next Sat, May 17.
Details tomorrow. Read on.

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