Monday, April 14, 2008


Do not have much to say about my training here.
I had about 10 days without any work at all which gave me a sense of vacation I’ve missed for so long. I expected that my running volumes would increase significantly but … but it didn’t happen.
All I did were 50 mi or so weeks which I actually really enjoy. Last week Sun 4/6 – Sa 4/12 I finally HIT Sixty Miles with 5 hills and 10% of total volume made at Goal Marathon Pace and oh boy, it’s getting harder. My concept now is to peak and get better weeks in run approximately a month before Race. The Race is Almaty, Medeo Half or Full on Jun 7.
Still I can’t decide – what do I run there? Problem is that I keep in mind Full Race in Omsk, Russia on August 2. Running half way “uphill” in Almaty could ruin all my preparation for Russian Siberia.
7+ weeks – is it enough time to recover for me or not ???

Bad Thing about my training: Since my Shanghai marathon I did no one 20 miler. In the winter it is almost impossible here, but now the only excuse I can mention is that headwind...
Whatever excuse is - I have to make 3 or 4 decent twenty milers till the middle of May.


Anonymous said...

> Ruslan прокомментировал(а) ваше сообщение "Almaty Medeo Marathon 9th
> June 2007":
> Almaz - Salam! I googled for "Medeo marathon" and found your page.
> So .. how are you now and how is your training? Write about it! BTW
> will you run this time. You know my page, also runners discuss about
> coming race at - Sport - Beg

Hey, Rus from Karaganda city, nice to hear from you. thanks for the last pictures you ve uploaded to us. how is life, how is it going. Concerning the race, I suspect me to be low prepared to this though, I would love to run in Almaty either 21 or 42 km somehow, but Man....this is such a tough issue to me...
I am no longer a runner this time, sorry Friend. It's been a long time I ran. I haven't run for nearly 5-6 months since I am in Astana. And also I gonna leave Kz for some times to Germany, flight layout set on May 30,31ths, seeking to get Master of Science in Environmental Protection, Will c, Allah Kalasa

I will ask Colin, if he goes? He would like to take a part, cause practicing himself for a long.

Thx. Keep in touch !!!

bannikov said...

Rus, if I were you, I'd pick Siberia, no doubt. But I'm also hoping to see you in Almaty this June, so please do both. :D

Andrew said...

60 miles is very good. I like the August idea better as it gives you more time to get those long runs in.

Paul said...

Hey Rus, I thought you were going to post about the Karaganda 20-miler this Saturday, April 26 at 9 am. Starts and finishes at the EthnoPark. Weather should be great - let's do it!