Friday, April 25, 2008

Training Week #20

I do not train really hard this season. But I do enjoy most of the wokouts, whether it an early morning run with a rising red sun breaking into a cold, cold darkness or a late evening "can't see anything" run.
Here's my training week #20.

Sun, 4/13
PM: 10 easy miles at avg. 8:40

Mon, 4/14
PM: 3 mi at avg. 8:36, nothing special

Tue, 4/15
PM: 5 mi Hard, avg. 7:42, HR 145/153
this is actually first time this year i put 5 hard consecutive miles in a row. Good. A year ago right this time I hit 1 hour at 7:15, some time later, 1 hour sub 7:00. I think it is doable again. Will try.

Wed, 4/16
AM (i'm really crazy, to think started 5:35am!): 10 easy miles

Thu, 4/17
PM: 4 easy miles after work, I think it was too dark to run;
do not remember details for ordinary runs...

Fri, 4/18
PM: again ordinary 5 miles ... Ha. Now I remember! After hitting 10 morning miles on Wed it suddenly happened. Whop! TONS of snow and Winter again is here!!! In the middle of the week on Wed/ Thu severe snow storm occupiued Central Kazakhstan with -15 Celcius temps, it was so serious that police had to block roads from Astana (capital here) to my city (roughly 250 km distance). Nobody could guarantee your safety on the roads...So those days made me think of taking my balaclava again. To tell the truth, the freeze ceased on Fri.

Sat, 4/19
I've been thinking a lot of some speedy workouts I hit a year ago. Here's my attempt:
warmed up a little bit and proceeded with a fast mile:
Let it be an introduction to Mile repeats I really want to do now.
1 mi, pace 6:19, avg.HR 152, max.HR 163.
Oh boy, my speed is back. It made me feel like I can renew my 1 mile PR. Gimme some time. I'll do it soon.
The place i did my mile is very close to the Big HILL. The hill is Huge, Steep and definitely higher than 10 storey building. I approach keeping in mind that Medeo Half I will experience soon. Yes, I am ambicious and want to hit something special: pls see this Garmin screenshot with diagrams of my heart jumping 7 times to low 160s and those 7 elevations.
Never did anything like that. Even 2days later my quads and calves did hurt like Motherf*@#er! I won't repeat it this week, cause I have 20 miler tomorrow, on Sat. But I do have plan to make several serious hill workouts before June.
Sat eve, nine pm, 10 slow relaxing miles just to hit Total 51.05 miles.
P.S. Screenshots of all my weeks available at Flickr tag.


bannikov said...

6:19 a mile?! Dude, what are you, a cheetah? :)

I'm hoping to get to KZ on time for the Medeo race - my reentry permit paperwork is currently in a twilight zone and I may have to rebook my flight for later. So screwed training schedule's guaranteed for me. :-\

Andrew said...

Not a bad week Rus! Keep up the good work and good work ethic!