Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Long Run ANNOUNCE !!!

On Sat, April 26, 2008 am I will do my first 20 miler. Anyone who would like to share this experience with me is welcome.
It will all start in Karaganda city, 9 am at the entrance to EthnoPark, right between Dostar-Alem and Sozvezdie Hotels.
All my am runs I start here (upper picture) and run deep in the park. My finish is shown on the bottom picture next to Blue Gates (depends on the Tool) with a nice new building of Catholic church on the background.
Supposedly a gang is: me, Paul (running pal from Astana), could be another diplomat...

P.S. Paul calls this run "a race", I just call it "long run".
One more time:
ВСЕ НА ЗАБЕГ !!! (Тяжелый и Трудный)
Please join us for this long run (probably incl. 1 or 2 hills) about 32+km or 20+ miles. Rain or Shine, we gonna do it. Detailed report to be posted.
P.P.S. My last week with 51 miles (mileage is low, but the quality was superb) was fabulous, will try to describe it before our 20 miler.
Hope to read Great reports from that little hilly race started yesterday in Hopkinton.
Tima Bannikov had a Great race finishing Charlottesville Marathon in 3:38:08. Good time.
I visualize such a nice competition in Almaty Half very very soon. Tim, in case you read it, recover well and let's have this helluva tough run less than 7 weeks from now.

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Paul said...

OK, Rus, I'm psyched. Call it a long run or a race, it will be great.

Weatherunderground calls for a low of 59 Friday night and a high of 69 on a clear Saturday.

So all you runners in northern Kazakhstan come and join us. I'll be glad to give a ride to or from Astana. I'm leaving Astana at 1700 Friday afternoon and heading back from Karaganda Saturday afternoon. Rus will show us some of the sights after the race (er, run)

BTW, I'm calling it a race for 2 reasons: 1) They haven't had a long race in northern KZ since Sept 06 when Rus and I met at that crazy marathon where you had to run 11 loops; and 2) I ran Boston the previous 2 years, so I really need to do a long race about this time of the year.