Sunday, March 16, 2008


I finaly updated Work with Andrew, Part III post and will keep doing it till my next Full Race, which is probably Omsk Siberian Marathon, Russia in August.
Hardcore (up & down race) Almaty, Kaz could be an option too in June 2008.
Some totals to appear here are missed recaps for Feb.
Jan with 130.08 mi was followed by ugly Feb 112.10!!! (no need for comparison with what i did in 2007)
The only excuse can be mentioned is I was seriously sick on Valentine's Day and stayed in bed for about 3 consecutive days. And, you know, Feb is always shorter than any month, even this year :)
Three Thousand Miles is a big question for me now. But I'll try.
My last Training Week #15 with logged 50+ mi as I promised started on so called "Stadium", on Sun Mar 9.
See my track and Welcome to Kazakhstan in the middle of March. Warm and Sunny Spring as usual, uhh

Sun, 3/9 PM: somehow I did
10.36 mi, 1:30:01, avg 8:41, avg.HR 147
Mon, 3/10 PM: 4.04 mi, avg 8:35, just an easy run
Tue, 3/11 AM: my engine has accelerator and I use it as a part of Hard workout
7.00 mi, 59:07, avg 8:26, avg.HR 151, max 165 (!)
including somewhere in the middle
1 hard mile 7:53 (156/160)
followed by normal sub 9:00 jogging and once more
1 hard mile 7:49 (157/158).
This is my first time after Shanghai race I put 2 hard miles into a session.
Wed, 3/12: REST
Thu, 3/13 AM: Hard workout with similar structure,
6.25 mi, 51:58, avg 8:18, avg.HR 147, max 158
1 hard mile 7:45 (150/155) / 1 mi jog /
1 hard mile 7:48 (154/158)
Thu, 3/13 PM: yes, I do doubles sometimes and this one my after work easy run
3 mi at avg 8:30
Fri, 3/14 PM: the same relaxing evening run
3 mi at avg 8:39
Sat, 3/15 AM: last day and I know how many miles to hit to get Fifty
10.18 mi, 1:30:00, avg 8:50, avg.HR 149
i did it slowly just to put more miles in my log, also had in mind Long run on Sun.
Personally I'm not eager to make Hard workouts on Sat.
Sat, 3/15 PM: 6.30 mi at avg. 8:32

And that was all. 50 mi is not a really Hard week, but definitely not comfortable.
I did push last miles runnin' those 1h30min runs.

Besides my running life I have big changes in "real" life:
I wrote an Application to be dissmissed from my work where I've been working in Suply Department of my Plant for almost 2 years. For all that time I had only 3 days vacation spent for my first and hardest race I ever had - Omsk marathon, Russia in Aug 07.

As a senior manager of my Dep I had 3 business trips to China. I do think Kaz is lucky to be located next to this great (though communist) country. Some might argue with me, but let's avoid diving into those geopolitical things.
Guys and Gals from my Dep, I quit but I'll miss you all.
Have no clue what fate has in stock for me.
I am heading to have several interviews, not only in my city and this strange but natural phisical activity called Running will stay with me. Wherever I am.


Thomas said...

Good Luck with whatever job is there for you in future - hopefully one where you can have a few more holidays!

And I'm hoping for better running weather. It sounds brutal!

Jamie said...

Best wishes on the job search. Seems like a lot of people I know are in a similar kind of boat.

Anonymous said...

Rus, I haven't started to run outside yet - maybe in a couple of weeks.

Wow that is a big change at work. You have to come over for a visit. Please e-mail or SMS me. I am going on a trip in a week. Paul

Flanture said...

Rus, put this code for your flash.


Assyl said...

Салам, Рус! Ты уже уволился??? Напиши!!!