Saturday, October 06, 2007

Seven Weeks to Go

This is what I have in stock before the Big Day.
Recently I've put some decent mileage into the log:

Total mileage for
Aug 07:
118.72 miles @ avr. 8:28, 16 hours on open air... including full marathon.
Sep 07:
260.08 miles @ avr. 8:32, 37 + hours on open air, this is good.

Water outage (which we had for one day "only") worked well in September:
Sun 16 - Sat 22 72.07 mi
Sun 23 - Sat 29 73.01 mi
I do appreciate weeks which include twenty miler, so now I have two and as my target to hit 6 or 7 "real" long runs, I'm supposed to make 4 twenty milers in October + 1 in early November.
The only highlights of those 2 weeks besides 20 milers was Mile repeats workout which I did intend to make somewhere in the end of the month. Originally Andrew recommended me this workout somewhere in June and as I did like 'em, I decided to make mile repeats once per month. This type of intervals are excited but frankly speaking takes much, so much out of me.
Half physical, half mental requires some concentration on the process:

Sa, 9/29, 2007:
7 x 1 mile, Target: Sub 6:37 each mile. Rest time 11:30

There's a phase in extremal running (let's say last miles in marathon) when I say to myself: "I hate, hate doing this". That's what I thought doing seventh mile interval, I physically felt that this must be my limit now. All repeats i did with conservative pace sub 6:30, last repeat was 6:10 with HR in good zone 154 - 155 max. Now I wonder - am I able to make 8 x 1 mile, I think I will postpone this experiment for the future.
Next day I was not able to make any long run at all, slept 14 hours as a baby, missed the whole day and didn't even think about running.
This is what running to your own limits is all about.

Hope coach doesn't read this : )
Recently Andrew was critical about all intervals so I had to ask - Please, only one interval workout in September. Didn't get any positive reaction.
Andrew is right, main concern now is keep doing long runs and higher mileage, No PRs.

This week in running was poor in aspect of mileage as if I was doing a Taper, in fact I do not. No time for Taper yet...
Two days with gusty wind, rain, hail and snow (just think SNOW! on Oct 2 & 3rd) crashed my running work this week:
Sun, 9/30 - Sat, 10/6
expect to get only 50 miles mark for the week. Read on.

My regards to:
Thomas & Mike
both have Race tomorrow, Dallen to run Chicago then.
And how could I forget "Chinese"-Chicago runner Ryan who will try to break 3 hour barrier in Chicago tomorrow. Good Luck!!!
Those guys are real Fighters.

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