Monday, October 08, 2007

Lowest mileage recently

Sep - Oct 07
Week #07, Sun 30 - Sat 06 45.01 mi

Su, 9/30: I am OFF after mile repeats on the day before
Mo, 10/1: 7.01 mi at avg.pace 8:49 sluggish
Tu, 10/2: 8.00 mi at 8:49 shockink fight with gusty wind and snow on AM run, did regret that I didn't take my gloves. It is too soon for early winter attack.
We, 10/3: the same "inviting" weather - No Thanks
Th, 10/4: 13.00 mi at 8:47
Fr, 10/5: 11.00 mi at 8:25
Sa, 10/6: 6.00 mi at 7:42
I was supposed to get to 50 miles so had to run 11 miles.
It didn't happen cause I decided to make sort of Good Old Tempo this way:
1 mile: no target
1 mile: sub 7:00
1 mile: sub 7:20
1 mile: sub 7:40
1 mile: sub 8:00
1 mile: sub 8:20 + 5 miles no target.
Did all what i planned but those 5 miles left would bring me into a bad condition.
Save energy.
I've made up my mind to make Best-est week since Sunday, October 7th and actually I'm doing it now.

P.S. Bad news from Chicago, good news from Scotland and Minneapolis.
P.P.S. I was right on Sat eve, just made fantastic PR in 20 miles on Sunday but now too tired to write about it. Will be back soon.

Good Running & Recovery to Everybody!

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