Thursday, September 20, 2007

Champing at the bit

Sun, 9/16:
15 mi, 2:27:02, avg.pace 9:48 (!), avg.HR 141, max 155
There's a Steppe plateau - a place which is located much higher than my stadium or park. My hills lead to the plateau, real tough and stony place. 9:48 is a result received on a cold windy day with hot sun. Such a confusing weather is possible here in Central Asia.
That tough run made me think I shall get back there couple more times, no chance to be there in the winter due to at least 1m snow layer up there.

Mon, 9/17: Rest

Tue, 9/18: this one was a real blast. Wake up at four and forty minutes later I walk towards the park. Couple more hours before a dawn, it is dark and bright shining stars, at least couple hundred visible stars above you promise some fun:
01: 8:24 (140)
02: 8:26 (142) still warming
03: 8:25 (143)
04: 8:06 (146)
05: 8:10 (147)
06: 8:04 (146)
07: 8:14 (145)
08: 8:10 (143)
09: 8:12 (145)
10: 8:12 (143)
11: 8:11 (144)
12: 8:15 (144)
13: 8:22 (144)
14: 8:14 (145) Here comes the Sun :)
15: 8:23 (145) getting warmer
16: 8:51 (142) drink water
17: 8:27 (145) drink again
18: 8:02 (147)
19: 7:58 (148)
20: 7:49 (150)
21: 7:42 (152, max 156)

21 mi, 2:52:46, avg.pace 8:13, avg.HR 145, max 156
My first twenty miler this period,
ordinary result for some runners but my Sweet PR for twenty one mile. It makes me always think if I can make mere twenty one mile in 2h 52min, am I able to "put" mere 22 miles in 3 hours time? There are only 4 miles left and 40 minutes is just what I'm willing to allocate to finish Full Race. Naivety? Could be.
Stay tuned.

P.S. September 19 & 20 no water in Karaganda city. Wow! I've been dreaming a lot about it! I wanted it so-o-o-ou much and finally my dreams came true. Planned outage (the reason for doing that is to check all water supply systems and get ready to winter) for the whole city, instead of doing it "district by district" - this is another brilliant decision of our authorities. Thank you so much. Actually i know what it means - it is time to make better week in run :) I always hit more miles when there's a water outage.


olga said...

Don't sell yourself short. 4 miles in 30 min, not 40!

Ruslan said...

4 miles in 30 min is what? 7:30 pace in the end of the full race? I'm not a superman, nor marathon maniac. It will kill me. And do not forget about that tiny 0.2mi which will turn into additional 2? minutes. Thanks for support Olga!
agh, about iPod - nevermind, I'm just a crazy IT nerd :)

Assy said...

Hey, man!!! What's going on? how's ur job? leaving yet? new plans? tell me!!!

Ruslan said...

Assyl, akalaisyn Man?! Nichego novogo, postavki iz Kitaya nikogda ne konchyatsya. China Foreva voobschem. Raboty prosto valom. Poprobuyu smotatsya na nedelku v Shanghai, potusuyus, pobegayu, pivka pop'u. Bez Rukovodstva! Ty tam kak? Oklahoma foreva ?