Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Some Totals

Tempo on Sat 7/07:


2 mi sub 7:30

2 mi sub 7:15

40 min sub 7:30


15:03, avg. pace 7:32 Suck!

14:25, avg. pace 7:14 good TEMPO

40:00, avg. pace 7:27 no problem with that

1:09:32, 9.36 miles, avg. pace 7:25, avg.HR 144, max.HR 152
and 3 miles to Cool down at average 8:25. Week is over.
As usual, it happened to be the best week again (anybody knows if it's damn possible to make better and better week? as of now this was the third consecutive week):
80.37 miles, avg. pace 8:20

Almost forgotten:
Total mileage for June: 271.87 miles
Actually I expected this month to be better then May (276.26 miles). It didn't happen due to my Almaty race. No regrets. I'll get to 300+ miles zone in July. Hope so.


Paul said...

Hey Ruslan, Only 2 1/2 weeks left till the SIM! You sound like you are in top shape. Hey, I tried that cell phone number today but someone else answered, so shoot me a hotmail e-mail to gilmerpg. I want to confirm our run this weekend and plans for Omsk.

Thomas said...

Running the first part of the workout 3 seconds slower is hardly a bad effort. No suck!

olga said...

Yeah, I don't know where suck came from, unless you wanted a compliment:)
Is it really 2 weeks? Is it time to taper? Was it your last bif week? Man, time flies, we get older, things slip away...