Monday, June 22, 2009

Sixty Plus

Good things about my current training – I run more and even faster.
Sun, Jun 14 – Sat, Jun 20
Here’s how I train these days with some short comments:
Sun, Jun 14
PM, 12.00 mi, 1:40:50, ~pace 8:24, poor attempt to make a long run

Mon, Jun 15
PM, 5.26 mi, 42:43, ~pace 8:07, relaxing evening run

Tue, Jun 16
AM, 2.00 mi, 18:17, ~pace 9:08, whoa – wake up and run, I mean Jog with autopilot turned on
According to what I did with Andrew and as per Lydiard’s conceptions (feel free to correct me if I am wrong) I have 2 or 3 “Hard” days. This is the day.
PM and here is my Hard part, 7.00 mi, 50:42, ~pace 7:14, felt good and after walking home decided to “cool down” with couple more miles + 2.00 mi at 8:29.

Wed, Jun 17
PM, 8.00 mi, 1:09:17, ~pace 8:39, easy

Thu, Jun 18
PM and I hit my Hard miles again, 7.25 mi, 54:32, ~pace 7:31, comparing to Tue hard session I decided to make it slower here and a little bit longer + cooling down again in different place, around the park near home 3.00 mi at 8:41.
I do remember I was deadly tired after working day and Thu hard effort.

Fri, Jun 19
PM, 4.00 mi at 8:41, I try to easily refresh sore legs. But I included one Big Hill here. Every week I try to include Hills and this time just a hill. The Big Hill.

Sat, Jun 20
Ah, distinctly I remember it was in the warm June of 2007 (a week before Almaty Medeo Half 07), that was last time I ran 13.1 miles to make a Personal Best.
After making successful 10k PR a month ago, this is a right time to reconsider old records. And here’s how it happened.
Warming: 1.00 mi at 6:19
“Only thirteen miles like this But … One min slower”, this is the way I treat myself while programming Garmin workout, setting Half and pace under 7:30. Occasionally it happened just as I inspired myself.

13.10 mi, 1:35:51.43 at average 7:19!!! All details on this plot.
(My previous best time in June 2007 was 1:40:13, avg. pace 7:38)
Good. I knew I was able to hit sub 7:30 but this result was a Big Surprise for me. This training record run took all the pieces I’ve built during a week (and previous weeks/years?) and brought ‘em together into one speedy run. Time to change my blog sidebar.

Totals for the week: 64.60 mi at 7:59 min/mile.
I do not think I ever had 60+ week with avg. sub 8:00 pace.

Good Luck guys and Have Great Miles on the run!


Andrew said...

Looks good! Keep varying the hard with easy days in between. Go for only two harder days if you need to recover.

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