Sunday, June 14, 2009

Another 40+ miles week

Last week didn't go as planned.
Total outcome is poor 42.26 mi @ 8:26.
Final session was a ten miler I ran yesterday at average 7:51 min/mile. Actually the only two digits run, the rest were morning/evening shorter runs. So, my training isn't good enough for such a tough race as Omsk, but still have a hope to improve despite work that takes so much out of me... I noticed that the vast majority of miles I log into my account I make on weekend days. Sat and Sun runs almost equal to the mileage I have from Mon to Fri. Something to work on for me.
P.S. Paul, glad to see you. I wish you had some short (or longer) public/web notes on your way to Budapest. Pulling out a PR for me is a big issue.
Happy running to everybody!
P.P.S. Today, on Sun, Jun 14 most of South Kaz cool guys and gals ran Almaty Full & Half Medeo marathon. I just phoned Tim Bannikov, he finished Half race 8th or tenth clocking 2 hours and smth. They simple WALKa CRAWLed up to the finish line covering their 800 meters altitude difference. One more – I can’t SIMPLY read Tim’s page – according to stupid local policy, they Blocked Livejournal pages here in Kazakhstan. I’ll have to do some IP/proxy things to read mere Half Marathon report. Fun, huhh… Hope I still have free access to good old Blogger.

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