Sunday, June 28, 2009

June 09 almost over

Had a relatively easy week
Sun, Jun 21 – Sat, Jun 27 is 50.70 miles at average 8:13 pace.
No need for more details, just had
sort of "long" run on
Sun, Jun 21 (right on the next day after my Half PR) 15.50 mi @ 8:20
and decent workout on Thu, Jun 25 - 10.10 mi @ 8:09
plus a bunch of shorter sessions including 2 big Hills I hit yesterday.

Overall, comparing old screen shots from Garmin TC with what I do now I came to conclusion that am a little bit faster than I was couple years ago.

What am I training for at the moment?
I did consider Omsk Siberian International Marathon as my goal race, but something changed recently. I guess I am going to try Moscow. Sun, Sep 13 - their biggest running event in the heart of Russia. As for now, I've got 76 days to go.
Whatever I run, Omsk or Moscow will definitely try to make sub 3:30.
P.S. This month for the second time this year will get into 200+ miles a month Good Old Club.

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almazonly said...

Nice to see you again, fascinating to hear that you still keep going ! You doing good, man ! I like the way you improving ya time. im in germany now, would be great to see u again someday on marathon occasion. we shall see. Keep going, man, keep going !!!