Sunday, October 12, 2008

25 mpw

Almost every day my email box receives “Quote of the Day” from Runner’s World. This one I really like:
"I always run alone, away from phones and stress. Running is a major part of my life because it keeps me sane."
Michael Roux, JR., Executive Chef, Le Gavroche, London

Good thought. Ninety plus percents of my workouts I do solo, though I do not avoid opportunity to run with others…
I keep on climbing to the peak of my mileage:

Week: Sun, Sep 28 – Sat, Oct 4, 2008
Sun 9/28, AM: 10.87 mi, 1h:35m:00s, avg. pace 8:44, avg./max HR 150/166 (max HR I got after an incident with dogs in the park, nothing special);
Mon 9/29: off
Tue 9/30: off
Wed 10/1, PM: 4.25 mi, 36:45, avg. pace 8:38, avg./max HR 144/167 (no incidents and I don’t remember what happened, probably I was tired after working day and my heart didn’t work well. Such an outrage : )
Thu 10/2, PM: 4.25 mi, 35:11, avg. pace 8:16, avg./max HR 141/150 (finally good heart rate);
Fri 10/3: off
Sat 10/4, Saturday is always special day for me. It’s a final day for my running week and sort of day to “cover all running debts”.
PM: 4.0 mi, 32:15, avg. pace 8:03, avg./max HR 139/156
Four miles as a warm up followed by Intervals:
8 x 0.25 mi, total 2.00 mi, avg. pace 5:23, avg./max HR 148/165
My first time for 8 quarters (I never took it before as consecutive repeats) and I put on Asics Gel-DS Racer VII to hit eight intervals from 1m:17s’99 to slowest 1:22’96. I rarely wear these luxurious sneakers and try to save them for couple more marathons, as you’ll never (nearest 5 – 10 years) get Asics model of this class in Kaz or Central Asia. Though my running pal Mr. Baghdad swears he saw “sneakers like these” somewhere here.
– Show me my friend, show me.

Total for the week: 25.36 mi, 3h:29m:58s, avg. pace 8:16.


Thomas said...

I hope you will be able to train in the winter, Ruslan.

Paul said...

Good work Rus. You are getting back in there.

I wish I could run with you again. We had a beautiful day in Budapest - warm and fall leaves all around. I did 5.75 miles in 41:25. Still getting used to my new 405.

I will do a half marathon in 8 days.


Anonymous said...

no more updates???

I am interested to read about your running journey