Sunday, October 05, 2008

20 mpw

After several months off, I’m back to blogging. It goes without saying that majority of my readers won’t be back to this page. From other hand being an active member of this running blogging world brings me slight chance to inspire and encourage some and to be inspired as well.

My running life is getting a little frayed around the edges. I am not as “fury” as I was in 2007 and there are some reasons. Main reason is that I can not allow myself to run Full race (read spend a lot) cause all of them are Far Away. Won’t run Beijing or Shanghai this year, Istanbul, Dublin or Dubai not an option either. No need to mention that there are No certified races in Kazakhstan or Central Asia. Just No One.
OK. I missed this year and Medeo Half (see previous post) was the only Race I ran in 2008.
As I do not have any race as my Target, the curtain ought to be brought down now.

Not now. I do train and will share my training here, week by week till my next Full race.
If you, my Dear Reader want to read about intensive training with 80 or 90 or closer to One Hundred miles a week program, you obviously got to the wrong page, though I hit 80 mpw somewhere in Jul 08.
Here’s what I do these days.

Week: Sun, Sep 21 – Sat, Sep 27, 2008
Sun 9/21, PM: 10.37 mi, 1h:30m:00s, avg. 8:41, avg./max HR 139/150
Mon 9/22: off
Tue 9/23: off
Wed 9/24: off
Thu 9/25, PM: 3.0 mi, 25:52, avg. 8:37, avg./max HR 145/158
(heart rate simply tells that I am untrained)
Fri 9/26: off
Sat 9/27, PM: 5.0 mi, 43:25, avg. 8:41, avg./max HR 155/163 (!! 5 EZ miles, oh boy where do I go?) + Intervals with 4 min rest in between:
7 x 0.25 mi, total 1.75 mi, avg. 5:40, avg./max HR 146/166 (as I always do, those “idle” laps which actually 4 min rest period I erase from Mr. Garmin’s memory right after my workout done.)

Total for the week: 20.11 mi, 2h:49min, avg. pace 8:24

This September we sort of missed “Indian Summer” so it’s pretty cold in my places and this is the only reason to run (some call it “jog”) at those miserable paces – gloves, light winter hat and all that stuff on me. I’m not complaining about my conditions and uniform; I think this was one of the factors for successful Shanghai race last year, I ran heavily equipped up to 90 miles a week and November Sh gave me a chance to run in T-short, shorts and light Asics. Good Formula and my lofty goal is to repeat it one day.

Happy Running to Everybody!
P.S. Thank you guys for all your comments and care.
P.P.S. Tomorrow Sun Oct 5, my running friend Paul Gilmer’s running Budapest marathon. First full race since Omsk 2007 we ran together. Paul I cross my fingers!!!
As for me, I’ll do my 1h 40min “long” run.


Andrew said...

Hello Rus. Good to see you back. Here comes winter when the running is hard and the dreams are big. Good luck on the climb back up. I slide down myself for various reasons and then find myself building back up. Sort of a normal state of reality for a lot of us.

Anonymous said...

Rus salam!!! Kalaisin? Ty shas gde rabotaesh? Shto novogo? Assyl

Ruslan said...

Thank you coach. I shall talk.
Assyl - kalaisyn govorish, vse po staromu PurchasingDep, China khotya ya davno khochy perebratsya v druguyu sfery deyatelnosti, poka zvezdy ne slozhilis.. Nedvizhimost v Astane ele-ele dvizhetsya (na to ona i nedvizhimost mat' ikh za nogu) koroche ya BOMZH do 2010 goda. A v ostalnom vse khorosho. Budesh v moem raione zaezhai ...