Saturday, February 02, 2008

A Monthly Recapitulation - Jan 2008

Logged mere 130 miles. Nothing special, just a slow start. I do compare my current work with what I did in 2007 which is my best year in running so far.
Jan 2007 175.71 mi avg.pace 9:38
Jan 2008 130.08 mi avg.pace 8:59
Target mileage for Feb 08 is 200+ mi.
Last year I had seven months with 200+ miles, won't be satisfied doing the same things and I guess still have chances to hit 3000 this year.
P.S. Thanks Paul, (Man, I lost access/pass to my mail account so can't restore it, can't write there now, will visit Astana in March) yes the weather is Superb for Jan-Feb period. But this season is not over yet, as for me, I better get ready for the worst scenario in February. I always have my hat-balaclava with me, you know, wind is so quick to suddenly appear here... We have less snow than last year, so can run faster.
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Bill is a clever guy, I agree with him about Beijing. He could have been Great in Moscow 80 so he knows what he's talking about.


Mike said...

Hi Ruslan -

Good luck hitting your mileage in Feb. But remember, it's not just the "quantity" of miles, but the "quality" of some of those miles. Get some of those miles a bit more "up-tempo". Maybe run one Marathon Pace or even Threshold pace effort once a week.

Again, good luck, and have fun!

Thomas said...

Good Luck with the oncoming training weeks. I'm constantly cursing our winter weather, but compared to what it's like over there at your place, I should just be happy.

I know Garmin have released the 405, I presume that's why I managed to get the 305 at half price. I just refuse to pay so much for a toy. It won't make me run any faster, but you were right. I can run anywhere I like and still know the exact mileage. It feels quite liberating!