Tuesday, January 29, 2008

First Entry

A scene from Imaginary ceremony:
... and the Title Worst, Lasiest & "Lousiest" Bloogger of the Year goes to ...
so called Fury Horse, Central Asia. Whoopee!
There's a real threat that such ceremony might be real one day.
As this must be my first blog entry since New Year, I'm saying Happy New Year to everybody who suddenly happen to read these lines.

We had Christmas and a New Year here, then had Russian Xmas (on Jan 7th - day off here) and Old Russian New Year, Jan 13.
Somewhere around "Old New Year" I turned the age 33, Jesus Christ!
I remember it was such a strange feeling when you became 30 and now years just ticking out. Is it true that I can be better & faster till the age of 40? At least this is what I read somewhere; after that I will have to go slower and slower. IF it is true, I have about seven years in running full of fun, pain, joy and hopefully without serious injures.

So, looking back at 2007 I may be proud of my work.
I did read Mark's blog and last winter mostly tried to copy his workouts trying to understand the way he trained. Thus I met Andrew.
I had my drive, coach had plans and experience.
As a result I logged 2430 miles in 2007. Wow!

(actual data is bigger since I did some mile repeats in non-GPS places like Gym, but does it really matter?).

My plan for 2008: 3000 + mi
Have to say
- Thank you everybody for some attention to my blog project and support and even some critics; - Thank you Andrew for the work with me; I didn't show good times in 2007 (especially Omsk) but it will be better I suppose, I hope, I know.
- Thanks Heaven - was lucky to avoid tough injures.

Thomas recently mentioned that I shall change my goals in the sidebar. Right, Thomas. The only note - I won't change it to 3:30 marathon. Let me put there faster than 3:15 time. Let's say 3:12. Irish runner did it last time. Why don't I try too?

What I do now, is nothing special.
Weather surely doesn't want to cooperate with me but it's ok. 6 more tough winter weeks and it's over.

Dec 02, 2007 - 20.00 mi
Dec 09, 2007 - 23.01 mi
Dec 16, 2007 - 27.01 mi
Dec 23, 2007 - 27.03 mi
Dec 30, 2007 - 27.51 mi
Jan 06, 2008 - 30.30 mi
Jan 13, 2008 - 10.25 mi
Jan 20, 2008 - 34.35 mi
Jan 27.. this week I'm doing 40 miles.

Happy Running to Everybody!

P.S. As Mistery Coach recommended me an Arthur Lydiard book's "Running to the Top" I talked to Olga who was going to Moscow if delivery of such thing is possible. I got it after Old Russian New Year. What a Great gift.
I do consider it as a B-day present. Spasibo Olga!!!
I haven't started to read it yet.
Currently reading:
"The Aerobics program for total well-being" by Kenneth Cooper, published here in Soviet times (1989). Love this book. Let me finish it and I will switch to classic Lydiard's book.

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Paul said...


Good to see you're back.

Amazing mileage in 2007! And I love your goal for 2008 - which is mine too. Let's go for sub 3:15.

And what's this nonsense about slowing down after 40?!? No way - we will just keep getting better and better.

Hope you are enjoying this slightly warmer weather - at least it is better than the -20s we were having!