Saturday, December 15, 2007

Training Week # 01

Here's my short report on my first week after Shanghai race.
All runs were easy. Felt good and comfortable.

Week #01,
December 2007
Sun 02 - Sat 08

Su, 12/2, pm: 3 mi, avg.pace 8:53
Mo, 12/3, pm: 2 mi, avg.pace 8:53
Tu, 12/4: off
We, 12/5, am: 4.50 mi, avg.pace 9:12
Th, 12/6: off
Fr, 12/7, pm: 5.50 mi, avg.pace 8:25
Sa, 12/8, am: 4.00 mi, avg.pace 8:50
+ pm: 1 Uphill as 1.00 mi at avg. 9:29, max.HR 160

Total mileage: 20.00 mi at average 8:51 pace
(Click on the link for more details)

P.S. I do plan to run Almaty, Kaz (Half?) marathon in June 2008 (hope they will organise it) which is 50% "uphill". In connection with this I try to add hills into my program.
Haven't agreed on this subject with Coach yet, just added 1 uphill run in the end of week.
Just wonder: How about adding 1 "hill" each week?

I can't answer for a simple question: "What do I train for?"
Could be
- Almaty Half or Full race in June 2008
- Omsk, Russia in August 2008
- Hangzhou, China in early Nov 2008

Also have plans for shooting a documentary for my races. One Great High Definition Camcorder is almost here.

- Shanghai? I'll be tired after Hangzhou, so will stay somewhere there on Shanghai streets to shout a cheer to runners.
Money is an issue when you try to pick out a race somewhere, as No Decent Races in Kaz, so I will run most of races again (Almaty, Omsk and China).
The only difference - Results will be better.

Thank you guys for comments!
I am still new to marathon running and therefore shall learn a lot.
Happy running to Everybody!!!


Andrew said...

One of the greatest things about marathon running is that each year's performance is the result of last year's work. The training builds on itself for many years with the continuing build up of aerobic capacity which Lydiard said had unlimited potential as long as the runner kept training for it.

Thomas said...

Ruslan, the "About me" section in your sidebar still says "I'm planning to make Sub 3.15 marathon in the year 2007". You might replace that with the more realistic target you're displaying in your header.

Andrew is right, marathon training is cumulative, as long as you keep training you can expect to improve each time, for several years.